10 Things You Must Consider While Choosing a Magento Theme For Your Project

For any type of eCommerce store development Magento is the most reliable platform. Magento provides extra ordinary features and latest functionalities which no other platform does. E-commerce web sites using Magento are more successful in terms of growth. Along with features the store must have an attractive design and layout. Few things should be kept in mind before choosing perfect Magento theme.

Layout should be user friendly

Magento store should be user friendly means visitor feel like visiting those websites which are not complicated, easy to access and don’t take much time to load. The theme should give a solid reason to stay at your e-commerce online store. It should be simple to search, simple way to go back to top button and shopping icons must be at appropriate place.

Best design Layout and Template

Depending on the nature of the business the theme and layout should be designed. If the store sells consumable items like footwear, dresses, fashion accessories then the theme should look glamorous and if it sells technology stuff then standard looking theme will work. The theme should be designed according to current trends.

Banners and Promotions placement

For the success of an e-commerce Magento store it is important to place promotional block and banner at the right place. No theme is complete without promotional slider or banner. It is preferred to design a rotating and sliding banner that increase e-commerce website business.

SEO Friendly

The maximum growth in e-commerce business depends on putting right scripting practices and performs legitimate activities for giving boost to the website. Magento is equipped with search engine optimization sociable environment. The coding of HTML/CSS should be perfect.

Theme Customization

However possible try to design customized theme with numerous options. First go for primary options then if necessary checkout for secondary options. The Magento website should be flexible and go as per ongoing trends.

Theme speed

The speed of Magento theme should not be slow because of more features and graphics. They increase the loading time of the customer and later indirectly affect the speed of the website.

Cross Browsers compatibility

Users tend to use different browser at different times therefore, theme must be compatible with all the browsers we have got. Regardless of any browser being used your theme should process absolute performance.

Blog updating for Good Ranking

It is important for Magento website to keep posting with fresh blog frequently which enables the search engines to give website on decent ranking while doing search results. A good blog in the website solve many issues.

Easily Accessible

Magento theme must be responsive and easily accessible even on the smart device which is used by most of the population by the world and it is going to be more intense in future.

Social Media

These days social media is playing an important role in spreading the word about any business. You can easily get recognition and promotion of your brand on social media platform which brings the business forward. The Magento theme must facilitate different social media icons on the website. The tweets and posts should be posted on web site on regular basis. Apart from applying standard theme, the website owner must have ratings and review on the product so the visitors will form a good opinion about the product and services.