Top 8 Advantages of BigCommerce Store Design

With the huge and fast paced growth of the online retail segment in the economies worldwide most sellers are looking to add a virtual segment to their business. In developing an online store one of the most important aspects is the design of the website or the store. Studies have shown that ineffective and inefficient store designs adversely affect the business and make it very difficult for business to sustain profitably. This reflects on the importance of store designing. Various systems and development platforms are available in the market today to help build a desired store. BigCommerce and BigCommerce Store Design are one of the best systems which are used by numerous sellers as a basis for their stores.

Designing a store with BigCommerce has many advantages which have made it one of the most preferred choices of system amidst sellers and developers/ designers alike. The advantages of this website builder application are as follows:

  1. Firstly it is extremely easy to use the existing themes on the platform and get them customized for the respective seller’s store design needs. Even if a seller wants to start from scratch, the out of the box yet easy to use features make it possible to get the exact design the seller wants.
  2. A larger proportion of population has started using Smartphone and tablets for shopping online. The responsive website feature of BigCommerce store designs enables automatic adjustment of the site across all devices. This helps the seller reach a wider range of consumer base.
  3. These responsive designs have another advantage of providing the visitors with an ease to use and access interface. This boosts the rate of conversion of visitors to consumers and hence has a greater possibility of boosting sales.
  4. The easy interface also benefits the seller. It makes it extremely easy and convenient for the seller to upload/ add new products (which get done within a few seconds), make changes to the return systems, accept payments and employ multiple methods of shopping etc.
  5. The system also ensures the safety of the data and sensitive information about the clients of the seller. A plus point which is appreciated by most entities in the market.
  6. The feature called the “Traffic Engine” is a boon to all BigCommerce users. This feature allows the sellers to easily implement and complete all marketing tasks. This provides the seller with added advantage of being able to drive full benefit of the marketing strategies without as much hassle.
  7. The unique tools offered by the platform make it possible for the seller to have unlimited products in collection including non- tangible goods like tickets, services etc.
  8. The BigCommerce store designs have now become search engine optimized. It is now possible for all sellers to boost up the sales of their stores by making them search engine friendly.

This list of BigCommerce store designs highlights the best features of using the platform, but the benefits do not end here. BigCommerce is constantly growing and evolving with aim to provide all its customers with best possible online store development platform.