Akeneo is best for Product Information Management

Akeneo is best for Product Information Management

Akeneo is easy to use and flexible and first open source Product Information Management designed for non-technical users. It is product-oriented software solution and comes in two editions Community and Enterprise and aimed to centralize marketing data, translate, to enrich and prepare for exports to multiple channels and destinations.

Akeneo is best for Product Information Management

  • Structure products using an Entity Product Value
  • Work great on websites, mobile, marketplaces, print catalogues and retail point of sale
  • Removes tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Connect easily to ecommerce systems
  • Useful to marketers, ecommerce managers and data governance drivers and buyers
  • Faster to deploy, require less resources
  • Deliver business value much sooner
  • Improve product data quality and accuracy
  • Increase productivity and sales conversions
  • Lessen time-to-market
  • Easy to add new products to catalogue
  • Scalability  

How does Akeneo work?

Data Collection: Akeneo PIM collect and centralize data from various sources such as databases, media systems, flat files, ERPs and supplier portals.

Enrich Data: After product data is collected, ecommerce teams enrich data with customized product descriptions, classifications, media files, translations and usage data etc. Organizations can have an idea of which data is complete and which data to be enriched.

Publish Data: With all enriched product data can be distributed to different sales channels such as ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, social network, mobile applications etc. Beautiful print catalogues can also be created with just one click of button by Akeneo PIM.

Features of Akeneo:

  1. Export and Import Data: The software solution simplifies export and import of all types of data. Data can be taken from any source virtually.
  2. Classify and Organize Products: Akeneo gives the power to organize and classify products because every product catalogue is different. No need to stuck with predefined attributes or specific format.
  3. Translate and Edit: New products can be added or edited to catalogue anytime. You can define the attributes, add media, complete product sheets and extensions make it easy to translate the product information according to the need and choice for various channels and markets.
  4. Complete Product Information: Incomplete product information gives negative impression to customers, decrease sales, returns and brand equity. Akeneo helps you to provide complete product information with an easy-to-view widget.
  5. Broad Extension: Integrations are included with known marketplaces, print catalog design tools etc.
  6. Publication: An option of creating duplicate version allows you to go back to older version as needed.
  7. Advanced Rights: Akeneo gives you power over what users can access and what permissions they have to work on product enrichment.
  8. Rules:  Using the rules engine, you can define rules to automatically classify products based on attributes. Technical data can be transformed into comprehensive information for consumers and speeds the process of product data enrichment and add new products.
  9. Product Asset Manager: This makes media management simple for all products.
  10. Workflow validation:  There is no way for organizers to maintain control across catalogs. Approval workflows make it easy for managers to view, approve or reject product information.

Organization can benefit from Akeneo PIM tool that enable you to create a centralized hub to manage product information which simplifies the process of creating, maintaining and product specifications and descriptions for offline and online product catalog. It will help throughout the entire process of product enrichment and data publication.