Amazon Web Stores Move to Other Ecommerce Platform Options

Amazon Web Stores Move to Other Ecommerce Platform Options

Amazon Web store Service (AWS) is a platform that lets all of the small businesses builds a small standalone web store for their business. Naturally numerous businesses have been using Amazon web store to advance their businesses. Things were great for all these businesses and every AWS user, but the announcement from Amazon about shuttering down on this platform seems to have created frenzy. The safest best for these businesses is to have their Amazon web stores move to other ecommerce platforms.

The notification from Amazon gives all of its users enough time to find appropriate solutions and have the Amazon web stores move to other ecommerce platforms most suitable for their individual business needs. We at Bay20 have contacted all of our clients and are currently working with them to move to better solutions in light of the closing.

There were many benefits of using AWS but on must not forget there were certain downs to the service as well. A few of the things that negatively impacted AWS users include:

  • Some AWS users who have moved to other platforms even before the news broke in the market believe that the stores were lacking in functionality in regards to what customers wanted. Getting Amazon web stores move to other ecommerce platforms may hence turn out to be a good thing for many businesses.
  • Many sellers who used AWS also observed that there times when customers viewed the Amazon branding on their web stores and decided to move on to Amazon to make the buy. This is a sort of underestimated effect of AWS.

Though all the users of AWS are sure to miss the ability to easily build, design and manage a multi- channel online store; there may be some good options available for them. The possible platforms that can be used by any business looking to have their Amazon webs tore move to another ecommerce platform include:

  • Shopify:

This Canadian company has been providing many businesses an option to advance their businesses online. It is one of the most popular platforms for online stores along with BigCommerce. Shopify can make a good alternative solutions for those who have to get their Amazon web store move to other ecommerce platform.

  • BigCommerce:

Another “big- gun” ecommerce platform that is at the fore of many online businesses. The extremely efficient tools and features of the platform have made it one of the most popular platforms being used by numerous online retailers.

  • Magento:

Many leading brands in the world rely on this platform to build, manage and operate their online stores. The tools offered by this platform are focused on giving businesses the power to attract more clients/ customers and increase their sales.

These are the 3 well established and the most popular platforms which help businesses operate online. There are additional platforms and we will be happy to help you find what’s most suitable for your business. Bay20 is here to help anyone looking to get their business/ retail Amazon web stores move to other ecommerce platforms.