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Create customer and customer group from backend in shopware 5

To create Customer in Shopware 5 follow the following steps: Step 1: Login to the admin panel and go to Customers > Create. Step 2: Fill the all required field. Required fields are given bellow: Basic Information: Email Customer Group Language Password Confirm Password Personal Data: Salutation First Name Last Name Address Data: Salutation First Name Last Name Street Zipcode […]

How to create Snippet in Shopware 5?

Create Simple Product In Shopware 5

To create Snippet in Shopware 5 follow the following steps: Step 1: Login to the admin panel and go to Configuration > Snippets. Step 2: Click on Add snippet button. Step 3: Fill out the following fields: Namespace: frontend/index/test Name: sTestSnippet Value: This value will be shown in the frontend where you will call it. Step 4: […]

How To Create New Products In Shopify?

To Built your eCommerce Store, It is necessary to create Products. Follow the steps to create a new product in Shopify. After finishing the basic information, it is possible to complete the advanced setting if you need it. Please note that some features are only available after you have saved the products for the first […]

Create multiple stores in shopware 5

Create Multiple Stores In Shopware 5

Shopware 5 comes with functionality in which we can create multiple stores according to our requirements. It helps us to create a store in different languages for different locations which will attract the customer in their own native language so that they can shop easily. To create multiple stores follow the steps: Step 1: Login to […]