B2B eCommerce Website with Magento2

B2B eCommerce Website with Magento2

Sales of products and services between companies through online sales portal is known as B2B ecommerce. The complexity of B2B ecommerce market makes implementation process is demanding. This online market has been making its place rapidly. Three types of ecommerce products include Volume, subscription and configuration products.

Our Strategy:

  • Evaluate Product Portfolio: The first step is to categorize products based on priority. B2B commerce main concern is to handle complex products and solutions.
  • Customer Journeys: We help you map the journey of your customers regarding different selling channels, buying behaviour in the past, etc. Based on map journeys of the customers we can create ecommerce sites in prioritizing sales and marketing programs for channels.
  • Determine buying phases: We study how prospects and customers are browsing and searching related products, impact of reviews, handling of reorders and renewals and by gathering the information can direct prospects towards the different channels best suited to closing deals.

B2B ecommerce sites can be managed with Magento2 commerce for multiple brands etc. We can assist your B2B customers self-manage their company accounts and set up different buyers with particular roles and permissions.

As it has become easier for mobile users to search any product online and purchase right on the spot same way your customers would also search for those vendors who can provide the same easy-to-use experience. We have the ability to bridge the ecommerce gap.

What we do?

  • Manage quote requests
  • Create custom catalogues
  • Support sales with multiple levels of buyers
  • Integrate with any ERP, CRM using extensive APIs and extensions
  • Drive recurring revenue

Our developers are capable and make easier for B2B companies to meet expectations with B2B capabilities included Magento2 commerce.


  • Company accounts
  • Pricing and catalogues
  • Quoting
  • Requisition lists
  • Quick ordering
  • Bug Fixes
  • Magento2 Security
  • Enhanced reporting tools

We improve your B2B operations related the management of shipping options with latest tools and technology. We can successfully handle your B2B eCommerce website with Magento2 and create a site with the new purchasing habits of your professional customers.

If you want to boost your B2B ecommerce business with your customers we will help you create professional site and open a sales channel for your brand and professional clients.

  • Synchronized Sales channels
  • Tailor-made price management
  • Prospects are just a click away
  • Simplified customer management
  • Automate task with no extra value

We help you offer your customers the relevant information related their orders and let your sales team to focus on the needs of your customers. We can transform ecommerce site into an effective business link with your online customers and resellers.

Our focused internet strategy, project orientation, functionality and technical layout help you assess the digital opportunities and transformation. We emphasize to understand the needs of your customers build the process and help you motivate the stakeholders and increase the responsiveness and reliability of your B2B ecommerce platform.

How do we increase your website performance?

  • Perfect Pricing schedules
  • Establishments management
  • Contact management
  • Order by reference
  • Quote management
  • Payment by instalments
  • Site in restricted-access
  • Proper display of the stocks

It is important to build and maintain long term relationship with offline customers but seeing today’s scenario you must walk on a concrete path to grow with B2B ecommerce website and build healthy relationship with online customers as well. Magento2 has been taken a lead in B2B commerce and it is a perfect platform to achieve your B2B store goals.

Benefits of Magento2 for B2B:

  • One stop shop
  • Quick Order
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Credit Limit
  • Inventory Management
  • Quotation System
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Staging
  • Technical Support
  • Rule-based Product relations

If you want to drive B2B ecommerce sales forward with Magento2, we are the perfect option to get you desired success and financial gain.

Please contact us at manish@bay20.com or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Magento 2. You can also visit the Magento2 development page to check the services we offer.