Latest Shopware 6 Plugin for Customer Comment in Invoice

Bay20 Customer Comment In Invoice plugin

We’ve launched our initial Invoice plugin on the Shopware store. It’s named “Bay20 Customer Comment In Invoice.”

Bay20 Customer Comment In Invoice plugin

The ‘Customer Comment In Invoice‘ is a Shopware 6 plugin that improves your invoicing. This plugin integrates customer comments below the product table on invoices, making it easy to showcase feedback. Enhance customer communication by displaying order-related comments for a transparent and personalized invoicing process. With this plugin, you can enrich your invoices, strengthen connections with customers, and provide an enhanced level of service.

How To Setup Bay20 Customer Comment In Invoice Plugin on Your Shop

To set up this plugin on your shop, please follow the steps below.

  • Install the plugin.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Clear the cache.

After successfully installing the plugin, please follow these steps to enable the “Show comment field on checkout confirm page” option:

  • Navigate to “Settings” in the Shopware administration.
  • Select “Cart settings” from the menu.
  • Locate the “Show comment field on checkout confirm page” option.
  • Enable this option to activate the comment field where customers can add comments during checkout.
  • By enabling this option, customers will be able to provide comments during the checkout process. The plugin is designed to display these customer comments on the invoice document.

In Shopware, there is a feature that enables customers to add comments on the checkout page. These comments are visible in the backend admin module; however, a notable limitation is that the comments do not appear on the invoice. This is where the plugin comes into play. The plugin addresses this issue by allowing you to display customer comments on invoices beneath the product table.

Bay20 Customer Comment In Invoice plugin

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