Best 15 Shopify Themes in 2022

Shopify Themes

If you’re planning to build an online shop on Shopify, it’s essential to know all the charges involved before you begin. It’s also crucial to know what Shopify offers for free to help you create your store and enhance your chances of success because it allows you to avoid excessive spending in the early stages of business.

What Is A Shopify Theme?

A Shopify theme is a framework for your online storefront that dictates how buyers see your products and services when they visit your website. You can categorize and arrange your online content however you want because each theme has a different style and layout choice.

The Shopify store offers both paid and free themes. It’s impossible to pick a random motif and put it in your store, no matter how slick or sophisticated it appears.

When choosing the best Shopify themes for 2022, beauty isn’t everything. And the suitable theme can differ from niche to niche and retailer to store, so you’ll need to conduct a comprehensive investigation before making a final decision. As a result, you need to be aware of the theme’s technical aspects, as this influences the user experience (UX) and the eCommerce functionalities and, ultimately, the conversion rate.

You’ll learn about the Best Shopify Themes for Your Store Free & Paid in this article, which will help you increase your conversion rate. We’ll go over the details for each topic, and we’ll figure out which is most suited for.

  1. Empire
    Empire is an excellent option for selling more extensive catalogs if you want to develop your Amazon-inspired empire. You can use it to market furniture, gadgets, or fashion because of its eye-catching design.

    Built-in social icons and drop-down menus are among its most notable features. Advanced product filtering and predictive search take the user experience to a new level by showing real-time search results and links to specific products. To increase sales, use the personalized promotion tiles to highlight particular products or promotions.
  2. Split
    Split is the best Shopify themes 2022 for presenting stories if you’re torn between two options. Thanks to this feature, which emphasizes aesthetics, displaying high-quality photographs of your products are possible. In addition to showing information, products, or even blog articles, a vertical slideshow is a terrific option. It comes in three different designs and two other menu options (a horizontal menu or a multi-level slide-out sidebar) to match your brand’s appearance.
  3. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn is a free customizable theme for clothing stores that can be used in various ways, from a more traditional design to a more whimsical one. While the classic look is more subdued, the playful motif uses more vibrant hues. All in all, it’s a good fit for modern retailers because of its clean, simple style. Your photographs will always be the center of attention with this theme.
  4. Porto
    Shopify users have been flocking to Porto for years. It is constantly improved to guarantee that its user experience remains top-notch, making it a strong contender for the year 2021 as well. Because of the theme’s multiple easily-modifiable layouts, you may use it to create nearly any type of website for a wide range of industries.
  5. Ella
    This theme is for those that place a great value on the appearance of their website. Your products will be even more appealing to your target market if you use this tool’s limitless color combinations. This is not only a beautiful theme, but it also serves several purposes. It’s an excellent option for any form of business because it provides a wide variety of attractive templates from which to build different kinds of structures.
  6. Fastor
    Fastor, like Ella, is a multi-purpose Shopify theme. It has more than 100 ready-to-use examples and a large selection of extensions and functionalities. You may customize it to your heart’s content and get your shop up and running in no time and if you do get confused in between,  then there are plenty of tutorials and videos available.
  7. Venture
    The Venture Shopify theme is all you need if you’re in the business of selling outdoor activities. Many products may be sold using this method, making it ideal for large companies. Refrain from adding too much or trying to display all of your product categories on the main page while the pages are still uncluttered. It has a large banner that may be used to promote deals or your company’s selling point. You get a lot of features for your money with this free WordPress theme.
  8. Icon
    The Icon can help you make a lasting impression if your business relies heavily on images. Multiple products can be displayed in a slideshow using the slideshow feature. As a result, you’ll be able to use high-resolution photographs whenever you need to. Using a pop-up window, a customer can see more information about a particular product without leaving the website they’re on. Users are far more receptive to visual cues, and they can only rely on an image while making purchases online. You may enhance your sales by adopting a theme like Icon, which highlights the value of product photos.
  9. Kodo
    Kodo’s minimalist design doesn’t sacrifice functionality for people who believe that less is more. One of its most notable features is its uncluttered and understated appearance. One of the most specific themes to utilize is if you’re setting up an e-commerce site for the first time because it doesn’t feature too many colors. Features include an off-canvas shopping cart, an email subscription pop-up, a product zoom, and an infinite scroll effect. Set up an Instagram shop using this app. ultimately, it’s one of the most specific themes for generating eye-catching website layouts.
  10. Flex
    With this theme, you’ll have greater freedom to customize the look and feel of your store, as its name implies. It’s highly flexible, allowing you to create an e-commerce site. The software includes twelve pre-made layouts, numerous product page layouts, and endless font and color possibilities. It has a selection of header and footer styles, drop-down mega-menus, and animation for adding items to the shopping cart. It’s simple to flex your design muscles using Flex.
  11. Wokiee
    Wokiee, like Flex, is highly versatile and can be used for nearly any type of online business. Features include product category pages, a visually appealing shopping cart page, and 70 different home page layouts. Other significant features include a variety of filters, an Instagram shop, and other connected merchandise. An excellent tool for customizing your site’s navigation, graphics, items, and content.
  12. Boundless
    Boundless is an excellent theme if you’re selling clothing and accessories. If you want to create a design that can be used in various industries but is also unique and fun, you can do so using this template in one of two ways. Thanks to a current template, each product is given the special attention it needs. It has a slideshow with fading effects, drop-down navigation, a mobile-friendly design, a color scheme, and a home page video.
  13. Testament
    Testament is a premium Shopify theme nominated for inclusion on this list. In total, more than 9,300 Shopify sites have been powered by Testament. Because of its incredible customizability, this theme stands out as the best Shopify theme for a wide range of sectors. However, the health and beauty industries are the best fit for Testament. Your product’s benefits to their appearance and well-being are what clients in these sectors are most interested in seeing. And if you’re worried about this, don’t be.
  14. Narrative
    This Shopify theme focuses on the brand’s history, as implied by its name. A good choice for small businesses or even designers who have a few products or services to market is to go with this service. For an immersive experience, you can utilize a full-screen video with an auto-play function and a full-screen option on your home page. Choose from various color schemes in four different styles with this free theme. As a visual storyteller, it allows you to tell the story behind your brand in a way that’s never been done before.
  15. Minimal
    Aside from its basic look, this free Shopify theme also requires minimal skill and effort to set up. You can have it exactly how you want it with just a few clicks. Regardless of which one of its three styles you choose, there will be ample white space to ensure that all the attention is on your items. As a result of the product recommendations function, you’ll be able to keep your customers shopping longer, which will assist you to sell more.


If you want to run a successful Shopify site, you need to pick the most acceptable theme for your needs. Unless your design appeals to buyers or your customers find it difficult to explore through your product catalog, they will look elsewhere. There are a lot of best Shopify themes 2022 out there today.

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