Selecting the Best Magento Support and Maintenance Provider

Selecting the Best Magento Support and Maintenance Provider

Magento is one of the most efficient and one of the most robust software platforms that are available in the web development segment at present. But even the most robust and hardcore of software need proper maintenance and support to keep it functionally smooth and up- to- date. Also it may become difficult for most individuals/ entities to handle the various technical aspects of their Magento based site once the site is up and running. There are many other issues that push an entity into seeking help from a Magento support and maintenance service provider. The market today is flooded with various development companies offering various packages in this segment. It thus becomes difficult to choose the right and the best possible service provider.

For all those who are facing difficulty in making a decision in this respect need not worry anymore. We have divided the requirements one should look for in a provider, into 4 broad categories. The categories are listed below followed by a description of what each of these categories entail.


Read the fine print of the Magento support and maintenance services that the entity is going to provide. In that firstly ensure 24*7 availability so that all the urgent issues are dealt with on first notice. In the services being provided preferably look for the following:

  • Magento extension installation and configuration,
  • Training the website owner/ team in the core/ basic features of Magento
  • Regular speed optimization services,
  • Timely and smooth up-gradations,
  • Regular and efficient plugins installation
  • Continuous design development
  • Complete assessment reviews and reports
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Custom integration

These are few of the most essential services. The site owners can also ask for support on specific issues they face and add them to the list. One should always opt for the provider who is accommodating and provides the maximum number of the services.


A Magento certification translates into assurance of quality work on part of the respective web development company. So always check to see in the service provider being considering has a certification or not. Always, as a rule, prefer the provider who has a certification. This also adds to the reliability and efficiency quotient of the respective provider.


Verify if the provider/ providers being considering have considerable experience in handling Magento support and maintenance services. If possible try and get a feedback from an entity already being served by the provider. Ensure the provider has good reviews on past work and has appropriate experience. This requires proper research on the part of the website owner seeking service provision.


Price also factors in as one of the most important components in deciding on the best service provider. For this the website owner first needs to access the frequency with they need maintenance and support service provision. There are various package options like weekly, monthly and annually etc. Based on their requirements, the owner should make a preference list and run it against the service providers. One should select the one who has the best price and package in addition to the above mentioned categories

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