Bigcommerce SEO – Drive new customers to your BigCommerce store

Bigcommerce SEO - Drive new customers to your BigCommerce store

If you have listed genuine products, high quality images and descriptions, got your payment gateways set up, and your shipping information entered but if you are not able to drive new customers to your Bigcommerce store then all go waste. All efforts are useless if they are not able to compel new customers to stay on your website and proceed for purchase. Driving customers to your Bigcommerce store needs a thorough study and team work by expert developers. Bay20 has a team of qualified and skilled professional who can not only design, build and develop your online shop but also spread on the web through rigorous SEO promotions on different social media channels. We will keep complete control over customers shopping experience and report you regularly.

We categorize the visitors:

  • Who have shopped before
  • Looking the same product you offer
  • Would have purchased if offered

With different marketing activities we decide how to utilize your time and budget in a right way so that genuine traffic gets increased either through email communications, content marketing or via social media. We focus on search engine optimization, content creation, SEM and brand awareness. After we set up the online store we start promoting website to the existing customer data and find ways about how to raise customers’ interest in your product. Another concern is to utilize your budget kept for website promotion in an appropriate manner.

How we are different?

  • Email marketing: We keep building and updating email list because this drill can bring many visitors to your site. We help you collect as many prospective customers and people interested in your brand email addresses and keep sending regular emails regarding your products, events, discounts and offers. Our developers know that email continuous to be the most effective way to drive traffic to your online store. We include promotions, product launches, new content, events awareness etc. in our email marketing strategy.
  • Digital engagement: We help our clients social media channels stocked with vibrant images and videos. We boost your social presence organically by incorporating user generated content.
  • Search Engine optimization: We optimize shopify website for SEO and think how does visitors talk about your product and provide them all the information they want. Our experts make sure that content should match with your customers search for buying products from your website. We focus deeply on title and Meta tag description before anything else.
  • Useful content: Content is the king because it is a great way to drive traffic to your site and help people searching for buying desired products. Meaningful content can definitely inspire the mind of a customer up to great extent.
  • Google Ads: To bid on keywords our experts use Google ads to bring customers directly on your website so that selected keywords rank first on search engine results page.
  • Social Media: Our developers keep searching on different social media platforms about your customers’ interest and follow the same social media platform. If your audience spend lot of time on Instagram than twitter then we also focus on the same platform and make marketing strategies.
  • Cross-promotion: We recommend you partner with complementary brands for cross-promotion. Top-of-funnel activities include co-sponsoring podcast or blog and co-branding could be a great initiative.
  • Online events and discussions: Online communication increase opportunities to increase brand awareness with target audiences.
  • Influence marketing: We search out for influencers because they have large online audiences and can influence the customer to purchase that will increase your brand awareness.

We study your visitors’ behaviour like what makes them tick, what and why they do, their hidden or unconscious motivations.

What we can do?

  • Increase your sales, revenue and customer loyalty
  • Drive traffic
  • Convert traffic
  • Bring people back on your site
  • Measure and report
  • Repeat the success
  • Mobile optimization

Bigcommerce SEO means to drive new customers and we make it possible with our efficient team and the latest tools and technology.

We focus on:

  • Page load speed
  • Clean design
  • Relevant to traffic source
  • Clear call to action
  • Impressive product pages
  • A/B & user testing

We can develop fastest, the most efficient and the strongest Bigcommerce site for you that drives traffic, convert visitors into buyers, and will bring maximum return over investment.