Bigcommerce WebDAV Access with Cyberduck

Bigcommerce WebDAV Access with Cyberduck

WebDAV facilitates quick and seamless file uploads to your store’s server. This versatile tool is particularly useful for uploading a range of content, such as images, custom fonts, products, PDFs, and audio files. Furthermore, WebDAV serves as a valuable means of safeguarding essential store content, including products, images, 301 redirects, and customer lists. In addition to its primary function, it also aids in data backup.

Prerequisite for WebDAV access

  • You must have a WebDAV client. we are preparing to use Cyberduck.
  • Your user account must have to Enable WebDAV and, manage Settings permission enabled to download the Cyberduck Connection File from Settings › File access (WebDAV).
  • The maximum file upload size is 512 MB.

WebDAV Access with Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a free WebDav software client that allows you to access your store’s files(Data). And, it is available for both Windows and Mac OS. We can connect using a single-click login or connect manually.

Note: Mostly we recommended to use the latest version. Occasionally, the most recent version may not work with BigCommerce. In these cases, uninstall and download a previous version.

Connecting to WebDAV with Cyberduck manually

To connect WebDAV with Cyberduck manually follow the given steps:

  1. First, make sure that user account permissions have been enabled.
  2. Go to Settings › File access (WebDAV) you’ll get some login information.
Setup Bigcommerce WebDAV
login information

Note: In case if you need to allow another user to access WebDAV, you can do so by adding or editing a user in Account Settings › Users. Scroll down near the bottom then check the box to enable WebDAV.

Setup Bigcommerce WebDAV
Allow another user to access WebDAV

When logging into WebDAV as this user, use the new user’s email address for the user name and the password in that user’s WebDAV section found in Account Settings › Users. The Path and Server Type will remain the same.

3. After that, open Cyberduck, and click on Open Connection. In the popup window, select WebDAV (HTTPS) from the dropdown as the connection type.

4. Then, enter the login information from the BigCommerce control panel into Cyberduck.

  • Server: Enter the WebDAV Path. The port 443 will fill itself in, and /dav will move to the Path field.
  • Username: This is the email address listed under the WebDAV username.
  • Password: This is the WebDAV Password.

You may need to uncheck the Anonymous Login check box to input your username and password

Setup Bigcommerce WebDAV
Adding credentials

5. Finally, click Connect. When the login is successful, you will see your store’s folders.

Connecting to WebDAV with Cyberduck by Single-click login

During this procedure, the Cyberduck connection file grants you access to download a Duck file onto your computer. Once the download is complete, simply click on the downloaded file. Doing so will automatically launch Cyberduck, and you’ll find all your login details already filled in—except for the password. To acquire the Duck file, follow these straightforward steps:

Note: Before going to the next process make sure you have downloaded and installed Cyberduck onto your computer. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the file to connect.

1. First, go to Settings › File access (WebDAV) and, click Download next to Cyberduck Connection File.

Bigcommerce WebDAV

2. Once the download is finished, your computer will hold a file named “[store-url].duck“. To move forward, go to the download location and double-click the downloaded file. This will launch CyberDuck. Now, enter your password when prompted (you can find this in Settings › File access [WebDAV]). For an effortless entry, consider using the “Copy To Clipboard” option for the password. Then, use CTRL (or Command on Mac) + V to paste it, making sure there are no extra spaces around the password.

Bigcommerce WebDAV

Note: If you aren’t the store owner, you need to have the Manage Settings permission enabled for your user account.

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