Why Outsource Magento Development, Design and Promotion work to magento certified professional

To find a complete e-commerce solution and make pace with the ongoing market trend it is crucial to outsource Magento Development, Design and promotion work to Magento certified professional. It is an open source CMS that provides strong prospect to business leaders to grow their business operations on digital e-commerce platform. Magento is easy to […]

Payment Gateway Integration For Ecommerce Website

Steps to integrate a payment gateway to your website With rapid proliferation of online shopping carts, one can’t swim swiftly without an effectual payment gateway system. It is the path to accept online payments from customers and must offer hassle-free transaction process for easy shopping! Every of the gateway charge depending on the transactions involved […]

Magento Backed SaaS Platform Pixafy

It was just a few months ago that the Magento Go was shut down and the users had to move onto other platforms. Magento lost the platform which targeted small businesses and helped them advance through online retail. In a bid to refocus on these small businesses, Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy. It is stated […]

Magento Security Patch Installation

Magento has released two security patches recently. Its important for all magento website owners to get these patches implemented on their magento setup. It will publicized very soon and your website may become an easy pray to hackers. These patches are t cover security issue in magento core itself and this exists in all versions […]