How To Use Block Layout in Drupal?

In Drupal, blocks are like little puzzle pieces. They’re self-contained pieces of content that can be put in different areas on your website’s theme. So if the header and footer are regions on your website, then consider blocks as the content in them. No matter where you place them, they never lose their shape or functionality. You can fill blocks with all sorts of things like text, images, menus, or forms — perfect for those who want to spice up their website!

How to Enable Maintenance Mode in Drupal?

Enable Maintenance Mode in Drupal

Maintenance mode is the state or setting that a system, website, application, or device gets put in when it needs to be taken out of commission on purpose. This is so they can perform maintenance, repairs, updates, and other necessary tasks. For good reason, these systems are usually inaccessible to users while in this mode. It prevents any problems that can arise from people using it while being worked on. Below are steps for enabling the maintenance mode in Drupal.

Top 10 Must-Have Drupal Modules for Website Development

Content management systems (CMS) are crucial in developing websites with many functionalities. In the world of web development, it’s always changing. One CMS that has grown in popularity is Drupal because of how easily you can use it. This CMS has many basic features and a library of modules that people have made to make it easier to develop websites. This blog article will find the top ten Drupal modules that will improve your website development process.

Bigcommerce WebDAV Access with Cyberduck

Bigcommerce WebDAV Access with Cyberduck

WebDAV facilitates quick and seamless file uploads to your store’s server. This versatile tool is particularly useful for uploading a range of content, such as images, custom fonts, products, PDFs, and audio files. Furthermore, WebDAV serves as a valuable means of safeguarding essential store content, including products, images, 301 redirects, and customer lists. In addition […]

New LWC Features for Developers in Salesforce Summer’23 Release

Salesforce Summer'23 Release

In the Context of Salesforce, Release notes are the official documents published by Salesforce that provide details about the changes, new features, improvements, and bug fixes in each software release. Salesforce Summer’23 Release Notes is the latest release published by Salesforce. Salesforce has posted release notes for every aspect of Salesforce with hundreds of innovations.

How To Integrate Shopify and Salesforce with Shopify Webhook?

Integrate Shopify and Salesforce

Most of the time, we integrate external systems to sync the customer, order, or transactional information. For this syncing, we can use push technology to push the information to Salesforce when a certain event is triggered. In this article, we will create Shopify and Salesforce Integration with Shopify Webhook.

Add Simple Products with Custom Options to Grouped Products in Magento 2

In Magento 2, when you create a grouped product, you basically add simple and virtual products to the group. You can also add simple products with custom options to grouped products. Basically, custom options provide some additional choices to the customer for which they pay some additional price. In this article, you will learn to create a simple product with custom options and add it to a grouped product.