Magento Backed SaaS Platform Pixafy

It was just a few months ago that the Magento Go was shut down and the users had to move onto other platforms. Magento lost the platform which targeted small businesses and helped them advance through online retail. In a bid to refocus on these small businesses, Magento backed SaaS platform Pixafy. It is stated […]

Magento Security Patch Installation

Magento has released two security patches recently. Its important for all magento website owners to get these patches implemented on their magento setup. It will publicized very soon and your website may become an easy pray to hackers. These patches are t cover security issue in magento core itself and this exists in all versions […]

Magento Backed Saas Platform Pixafy

Pixafy is a feature rich magento backed Saas based platform. It has most features of magento. Its much more advanced in terms of functions compared to deprecated hosted platform magentogo. I have reviewed functions of this platform. Its really impressive in first drill down. It has lot of options for theme customization and advanced features […]

WordPress Design and Development

Many websites online operate on open source tools. One such open- source and free tool available to website owners worldwide to run their virtual ventures is WordPress. Actually, it is not just any open source platform; it is one of the most efficient and most popular platforms. WordPress Design and Development then refers to the […]