How to add custom template for category and page in bigcommerce

Please follow the step to create new custom template for category and content page. Step 1: Create one .html file with the file name start with underscore(_). For example _customPage.html ,  _customCategory.html Step 2: Copy the existing template code from bigcommerce and paste into _customPage.html file. Step 3: Upload _customPage.html inside “/dev/template”. Step 4: Now […]

Clearing float with css

There are two ways to clear float. I will cover both ways to clear float. 1. You can use overflow: hidden; and clear: both; to clear the float but this have some drawback as well. When you are use using box-shadow or any element from that will div be hidden. .overflowHidden{overflow: hidden; clear: both;} 2. You […]

Magento Speed Optimization

Magento is most popular eCommerce  platform used by thousands of merchant across the globe. Magento is very powerful and feature rich platform. Its community edition is free and open source. There is one common issue of performance that most of the merchants face while running a magento store. There are several reasons why a magento […]