How to add custom template for category and page in bigcommerce

Please follow the step to create new custom template for category and content page. Step 1: Create one .html file with the file name start with underscore(_). For example _customPage.html ,  _customCategory.html Step 2: Copy the existing template code from bigcommerce and paste into _customPage.html file. Step 3: Upload _customPage.html inside “/dev/template”. Step 4: Now […]

Clearing float with css

There are two ways to clear float. I will cover both ways to clear float. 1. You can use overflow: hidden; and clear: both; to clear the float but this have some drawback as well. When you are use using box-shadow or any element from that will div be hidden. .overflowHidden{overflow: hidden; clear: both;} 2. You […]