Setting up ‘Terms and Conditions’ in Magento 2

When the Terms and Conditions are enabled, customers must accept the terms and conditions before finalizing the purchase. The Terms and Conditions of Sale generally include disclosure information that may be required by law. The Terms and Conditions message appears after the payment information, just before the Place Order button. To setting up “Terms and […]

How To Create new Customers From Admin In Shopware6?

Visitors to your website can open an account to manage their purchases and activities. Customers generally create their own accounts. However, you can also create customer accounts directly from the administrator, which is useful for helping customers. To create new Customer follow below steps: Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Customers -> Overview. Step […]

Checking available theme and their details and scheduling theme for a specific date in Magento 2

A theme is a component of Magento designed to give your website a different look. Basically it’s a combination of patterns, styles, designs, and images. Magento 2 generally offers two themes: Luma and Blank. However, you can create a new theme according to your store’s needs. Checking available theme Step 1: Login to admin panel and […]

How To Call The Static Widget On The Magento 2 CMS Page?

Static widget are widgets that help to display different types of content on one or more pages for advertising purposes. It can be a banner, sidebars, images, or other content. To Call Static Widgets follow below steps: Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Content -> Elements -> Widgets. Step 2: Click the Edit on the [Your Page] […]