Calling Static Block using Widget in Magento 2

calling static block using widget in magento 2

The CMS Static Block widget gives you the ability to place an existing content block anywhere in your store.

To Call Static Block using Widget follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Content -> Elements -> Widgets.

Step 2: Click on Add Widget.

Step 3: In the Setting section.

  1. Set the Type to CMS Static Block.
  2. Set the Design Theme to the current theme.
  3. Click on Continue.

Step 4: In the Storefront Properties section.

  1. Enter the title of the widget in the Widget Title field.
  2. Enter a number in the Sort Order field to determine the order of the block if it is assigned to appear in the same position on the other content items page. The highest position is zero.
  3. Complete the Layout Update as your requirement.

Step 5: Click on Save button.

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