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Performance matters for all kinds of websites

How you can fine tune performance and become a google developer tool ninja? There are three pillars of performance 1. Network 2. Render 3. Compute How you can minimize full power radio use? 1. Prefetch and cache data 2. Eliminate periodic transfers like polling 3. Batch your requests Minimizing Network Latency 1. Avoid redirects (use […]

Importance of SSL Certificate for an e-commerce website

If you are setting up to start e-commerce business acquiring SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is important. Few websites like banks and government authorities use secured bar (https) and SSL certificate encryption. This is necessary for online shoppers as it ensures that information is secure and safe. To transmit personal data online SSL allows safe […]

Payment Gateway Integration For Ecommerce Website

Steps to integrate a payment gateway to your website With rapid proliferation of online shopping carts, one can’t swim swiftly without an effectual payment gateway system. It is the path to accept online payments from customers and must offer hassle-free transaction process for easy shopping! Every of the gateway charge depending on the transactions involved […]

How to add custom template for category and page in bigcommerce

Please follow the step to create new custom template for category and content page. Step 1: Create one .html file with the file name start with underscore(_). For example _customPage.html ,  _customCategory.html Step 2: Copy the existing template code from bigcommerce and paste into _customPage.html file. Step 3: Upload _customPage.html inside “/dev/template”. Step 4: Now […]