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Create AI Chatbot in Salesforce with LWC

AI Chatbot in Salesforce

We can create an AI chatbot in Salesforce using Apex classes & LWC or using Fetch API in LWC. In both methods, we use the API key of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) chatbot developed by an AI research agency, OpenAI. We can use ChatGPT as a chatbot, virtual assistant, language translator, content generator, etc. In this blog, we use Fetch API in LWC to create the chatbot.

Shopware5 To Shopware6 Upgrade –

Bay20 did Shopware5 to shopware6 upgrade for is Germany based premium provider of health related products. Recently, we have upgraded their store from shopware5 to shopware6. Lets go through the process in brief. Data Migration : We created a Development setup with latest version of shopware6. We migrated all data from shopware5 to shopware6. Theme Development : We developed […]

Shopware Maintenance and Support – is a Germany based eCommerce website which specializes in meat related products. We have been providing complete maintenance and support. We have implemented some key features for them on their platform. Some of them are mentioned below: Google shopping integration Shipping carrier automation Responsive Design Update Go Integration If you are looking for shopware […]

Laravel Web Application Development –

Laravel Web Application Development -

Bay20 completed another custom web application using laravel framework for is a Norway based booking program for music artists booking agents and comes bundled with a database containing over 5000 promoters all over Europe, USA and Canada. Application Features: – Add unlimited amount of promoters, agencies, agents and artists to your Applauce database. […]