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Why you should upgrade to Shopware 6?

Why you should upgrade to Shopware 6

The most popular platform for creating ecommerce website solutions is Shopware 6 which is an open-source PHP solution for building interactive interfaces. You should upgrade to shopware 6 for its updated admin panel, more intuitive, and responsive design elements. Features: SEO & Promotion GDR compliance Integration with payment systems B2B functionality GDPR compliance Shopware 6 […]

Shopware 6 B2B suite

Shopware 6 B2B suite

B2B suite is designed and developed for representing functions in ecommerce and requires a high degree of integration and individuality along with traditional business. We are famous digital marketing company and capable to expand the functionality of your B2B shopware 6 suite using a powerful framework. What we can do? Powerful B2B framework Extensive features […]

How To Create new Customers From Admin In Shopware6?

how to create new customers from admin in shopware 6

Visitors to your website can open an account to manage their purchases and activities. Customers generally create their own accounts. However, you can also create customer accounts directly from the administrator, which is useful for helping customers. To create new Customer follow below steps: Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Customers -> Overview. Step […]