Checklist for bigcommerce projects

Checklist for bigcommerce projects

1. Start up:  Before starting any project selects the theme which matches your design. Before starting any project first setup the things through admin go to setup & tools > store setting

A. Setup & tools > store setting > website: Home page title

B. setup & tools > store setting > display: Check all the option and set according to the      requirement.

C. setup & tools > store setting > images : set the product image size for thumbnail, product      zoom image etc. and check all other option as well.

D. setup & tools > store setting > share: select the share button which you want in your site.  Check the profile section under setup & tools and add the store information like store name,  address, email address, phone number etc. and use the global variables to display these  information in front.


2. Main menu: This should be dynamic and need to be controlled through admin section.

A. Page menu: This need to be dynamic.

B.Category menu: This need to be dynamic.

3. Social Icon: These needs to be set through admin so user can change later on if want (if in case the social icon is not available then hard code it.).

4. Phone number, store name: Use global variable for these (if global variable is not working than hard code it).Make sure that phone numbers are inside “<a href=”tel:******”>phone number</a>”

5. Links: Use global variable “%%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%” for all the hard coded links.

6. Images: Use global variable “%%GLOBAL_IMG_PATH%%” for all images which are use hard coded (it will send you to images in dev folder).

7. Default pages: Before creating any custom pages first check the default page if they are available use the default one.

8. Panel/snippet: Create panel and snippet if you are adding any extra functionality or content in the big commerce so it would be easy in future to make changes (like promo boxes, banner etc.).

9.  Breadcrumb: This should be consistent and well formatted in every page.

10. Logo: This should come through admin so user can change if want.

11. Buttons: All the buttons on the site need to be designed as per the psd (like login, checkout, cart, registration, product detail pages).

12. Newsletter: check the newsletter functionality like email address validation and its after submission it’s redirecting to the subscribe.php or not.

13. If add to cart or checkout option is not coming check the payment section under setup & tools and activate one payment method.

14. Check the zooming effect in product detail page (make sure image is not over lapping).

15. If site is responsive deactivate the mobile theme. To deactivate go to mobile section under design and check off it will disable the mobile theme.

16. Check cart page and other pages with form need to be well formatted (like gift certificate, checkout, login, registration etc.)

17. All the external link target needs to be set to blank.

18. Check the checkout process and design all the buttons and input fields properly.

19. Provide space from the both side of the page so it looks well formatted (padding).

20. Use grid system to design responsive.

21. If want to show the short description of a product we should use “%%GLOBAL_ProductSummary%%”

22. If want to add or show a top seller on a site use %%Panel.SideTopSeller%% and make sure not to confuse it     with %%Panel.SideCategoryTopSeller.

23. To enable the Blueprint theme on your store simply login to the control panel, and place “/index.php?ToDo=viewTemplates&dev=enable” after “/admin”.


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