Corona Proofing – Get an online store for your brick and mortar business

Corona Proofing - Get an online store for your brick and mortar business

After the new virus named as Covid-19 has spread globally and left its impact on the lives of people to the great extent, the brick and mortar businesses have incurred huge loss because of locked down situation. We offer you the Corona Proofing and convert your brick and mortar business to Online store. It is a process of making the brick and mortar business resist in such crises. If you switch your physical store to online store your product will have worldwide recognition and bring business to the next level. Online store offers different ways for retailers to reach customers and execute business without the need of physical store.

Why to choose us?

  • Lower Cost

    Our efficient developers can set up and help you switch your brick and mortar store to online store at a low and reasonable cost. You spend thousands of dollars in renovating, repairing, utility expenses, property tax, insurance etc. Above all a shop owner has to hire many employees than of an e-commerce storeowner. By setting of online store the start-up costs is a fraction of the expense.
    We at Bay20 will design, develop and maintain your product/s available for your consumers for ever according to your budget. 
  • Higher Customer reach

    With our highly proven techniques and technology your sales and profit will increase faster than brick and mortar shop. We help you open an open store all days a week and twenty-four hours a day. Our qualified developers will display your merchandise in a presentable way so that it is seen and used globally without additional expenses. Our latest tools and techniques will make you stand in front of your competitors and make profit.
  • Greater Flexibility

    To promote any new product brick and mortar business need to spend lot of money on its publicity whereas if you take our services we would instantly update as often as you like. Our professional team can easily and quickly change the price and quantity of any product on your instructions. You can add products as per the space in your brick and mortar shop but we can help you sell as many products as desire and even add non-seasonal products throughout the year.
  • Results can be measured

    We can help you analyse your loss, profit and also able to evaluate the reason of losses. We will send you statistical report frequently so that you can take all possible methods to improve your online store. Our team will leave no stone unturned to bring you desired results. We have special analysis team who assess the situation time to time and report accordingly.
  • Potential Income

    Online businesses are always open for business. By being available at all hours you can get online customers throughout the day. An online store allows attracting those who may have odd work schedule or who don’t have sufficient time to shop personally. You don’t have to hire any staff or security to process the delivery at odd hours. We support you to get potential income if you switch your brick and mortar business to ecommerce store.
  • Attractive Product Photography

    Our technically equipped team help you build broader market for your product and allow getting profit long before your competitors. We can help you sell products with sharp email marketing skills. Our graphic designers can include great product photography and product descriptions to sway the customer’s choice. We design online campaigns for you so that you can relax and focus on other core business activities. We can segment your email lists based on purchases, location, area and money spent by customers. Our designers will create attractive product photography with vibrant colors or human emotions. We can execute certain online business tactics such as countdown timers or showcasing limited quantities.
    We can add live chat, email or send a Facebook message feature on your online store so that your customers have no problem contacting you.
    If you choose Bay20 to switch your brick and mortar business onto online store, we can help you process higher online orders with ease. We assist you with stock control like physical stores.
  • Drive traffic and increase sales

    We have proven track record to optimize online store and drive traffic and sales without having to spend more money. We will not only create unique content but also able to monetize those customers with retargeting ads.
    If you want to switch your brick and mortar business and see your business running globally with genuine customers and increased sales, you can contact us at Whatsapp +91-8447182944 / +91 – 88606010510 and write to