Assign attribute to attribute set in Magento 2

Assign attribute to attribute set in Magento 2

When we are adding product on that time we have to choose the attribute set for the product. In Magento 2 you an attribute set is default created named as Default in which commonly attribute is assigned with the related group. So before we creating product we have to create attribute and attribute set.

To create Attribute Set follow below steps

1.) Login to admin panel and go to Stores -> Attributes -> Attribute Set.

2.) Select Add Attribute set.

  • Enter Attribute Set Name.
  • Set-Based on field, select an existing attribute set to be used as a template.
  • Click on Save button. The next page displays the following:
    • The left column shows the name of the attribute set. The name is for internal reference and can be changed as needed.
    • The centre column of the page lists the current selection of attribute groups.
    • The right column lists the selection of attributes that are currently not assigned to the attribute set.

Now drag the Unassigned Attributes list to the appropriate folder in the group. After completion click on Save button to save the attribute set.

You can also create a new group by clicking Add New in Group Column in the attribute set

Enter Name of group and click OK.

Drag unassigned Attributes to the new group or drag it to any other group to the new group.

The new group create a section of attributes in any product that is based on the attribute set.

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