Create Order from backend in Magento2

Create Order from backend in Magento2

For registered customers who need assistance, you can create a full order directly from the administrator. The Create New Order form includes all the information necessary to complete the normal payment procedure, with summaries of activities from the customer account dashboard.

To create order from backend follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Sales -> Orders.

Step 2: Click on Create New Order.

Step 3: Find the customer in the grid for whom you want to create the order. You can select an existing one or create a new one by pressing the Create New Customer button.

Step 4: Select products which you want to order.

There are several ways to add a product to the order. The first is to find the product by pressing the Add products button.

Then you need to choose the products, establish how many of them you want to add to the order, and press the Add selected product(s) to order button. Next, you will see all the items ordered. In case you want to delete some products, there are 2 possible actions: Delete and Move in the cart.

The second way is in the left sidebar, where you can see all the products added to the shopping cart, the wish list, the comparison list, the recently ordered products, and the recently viewed products.

Step 5: Enter Customer Account Information.

  • Set the customer group in the Group selection box. It can be changed later.
  • Enter the Email.

Step 6: Enter Customer Address Information.

Fill in all the fields and choose whether you want to save it in the customer’s address book or not.

Step 7: Enter Payment & Shipping Information.

Step 8: Check the Order Totals.

Step 9: Submit Order once you finish out all of the order Details.

Step 10: Message appears after clicking on Submit Order.

Step 11: Click on Invoice.

Step 11: Click on Submit Invoice.

Step 12: Click on Invoices.

Step 13: Click on View.

Step 14: Now you will see the invoice we can also send email or print.

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