Create simple product in shopware 5

Create Simple Product In Shopware 5

To Built your Shopware 5 store, It is necessary to have Simple Products. Follow the steps to create a simple product with basic information. After finishing the basic information, it is possible to complete the advanced settings if you need.

To create Simple Product follow below steps:

1.) Login to admin panel and go to Items -> Create or Simply, use shortcut key (Ctrl + Alt + N).

2.) In Basic info fill out the information which are required:

  • Manufacturer: Select the manufacturer of the product by clicking on the dropdown menu or add a new one by navigation under Items -> Manufacturers.
  • Item Name: Enter the name of your product.
  • Item Number: Enter the unique number for each product. Allowed characters are: Alphanumeric characters: (0-9 A-Z) & Additional characters: (. – _)
  • Active: Check the box if you want to enable the products or you can it unchecked if you want to disable the product.
  • Variants: Leave it as unchecked this is not required for a simple product.
  • VAT: You can set vat according to your county.
  • Template: Select the template as your requirement.
  • Active price group: In this box, you can checkmark if you want to use the price group.
  • Select price group: Select the price group if you have checked the active price group.
  • Purchase price: Enter the purchased price of the product in which price you have purchased the products.

3.) Prices: In the price section enter the price of the product which will appear in the storefront.

4.) Description: In this section you can add description about the products.

5.) Meta information: Enter the title, short description, and keywords of the products for a better SEO ranking.

6.) Base price calculation: In this section you can set the base price calculation in your shop by giving Unit of measurement, Contents, Base unit, and Packing unit.

7.) Categories: We can assign category for the products.

8.) Images: In the image section upload the product image for better attraction of the customer.

9.) Save Item: Click on save item to save the product which you have added.

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