Opt for the Best Data Migration to Magento Services

Magento Data Migration

Migration of your data from one platform to Magento or from older version of Magento to the newer version can be a little tricky. However, no one needs to worry because of the data migration to Magento services that are being provided by some of the best web developers worldwide. Bay20 is also one of such development firms that have been offering these services to numerous entities.

Efficient migration is extremely important for the successful implementation of the store on Magento. There are many fold steps that need to be completed and many points of caution that must be put into consideration. To help all the e-store owners in making the right decision when it comes to opting for data migration to Magento services, we have compiled a series of caution points that will help all of you get a better job done on your e-store/ ecommerce website.

The first thing you need to do when beginning the migration process is to choose a reliable and a credible data migration to Magento service providing entity. So look for Magento certification and experience as pointers to a good developer.

When preparing a format with which to proceed with the migration make sure that the web development firm you have chosen is giving you full value on the following major aspects:

  1. Data Migration: Ensure that there is no (or at the very max negligible) data loss in migration. In the process of data migration to Magento service completion the most essential components are migration of all customer info, migration of SEO URLs, migration of complete order histories and reward points . Also, make sure all of the product information and special product features are being migrated without loss. Ensuring efficient migration of these key components of data is very important.
  2. Design Migration: Getting the design of the store migrated to the new platform is also important to maintain the familiarity. It is also a good option to induce improvements in the design wherever possible in the process of migration itself. You should look to get all of the best possible ecommerce features induced in the design to pinch a positive impact in your sales, as well.
  3. Migration of Functionality: Another important component that you must make sure to lay due importance on while opting for data migration to Magento services is functionality. The developers must be able to transfer the functionality custom modules from old platform to new and provide efficient missing functionality development for Magento. You can also ask the data migration to Magento service providers to provide you with consultation services about similar available modules to improve functionality as a part of data migration.
  4. Financials Migration: Migrating of all the tax details/ settings and the payment options/ details are an important component of data migration to Magento. Ensure that the service provider configures all such details efficiently and without loss.

A data migration to Magento service provider, who efficiently extends such services, is the best bet for any e-store/ ecommerce owner in implementing their store to the new platform. Bay20 has been dealing with many satisfied customers in the industry.

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