Difference between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6

Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6

Shopware is the highly customizable, future-oriented commerce platform that turns ambitious business ideas into inspiring success stories. Shopware was founded in 2000 by Sebastian Hamann and his brother. This is the only open commerce that allows you complete control over your business. You have the freedom to make Shopware uniquely yours and turn your vision into reality.

Shopware 5:
Shopware 5 is a feature-rich, mature, and stable E-commerce solution that is presently utilized by over 80,000 online shops. Shopware has been created to deliver vast features and functionalities for e-commerce.

Features in Shopware 5:

  • Storytelling:- Storytelling is a feature in Shopware 5. Storytelling allows you to guide customers through your shop with a compelling narrative. Through engagement on a personal level, customers are able to develop completely individual ties with your brand. Storytelling takes visitors on a step-by-step trip via an atmospheric narrative, similar to how a retail store takes customers on a journey around their product world.
  • Advanced Shopping Experience:- Shopware 5 provides customers with a high-end and productive shopping experience. You can find any product, zoom out it, and return to the previous page in the easily understandable layout.
  • Consistent Design language:- The designers have adhered to a uniform design language down to the tiniest of elements. It is designed for maximum usability by the customers.
  • Highly Responsive:- Shopware 5 is designed in a manner that enhances shopping experiences in every device be it a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and does not create any obstacle in any of the systems.

Shopware 6:

Shopware 6 is a modern eCommerce platform connecting enterprise-level capabilities with flexibility. The platform is fully customizable and expandable with additional features or a custom layout. Shopware 6 is available in four different editions.

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Plus
  • Shopware Enterprise

Features in Shopware 6:

Shopware 6 came up with many new and modern features like cloud integration, usage of modern technology such as Vue.JS and PHP Symfony, integrated Paypal module, the rule builder, plugin manager, and many more.

  • Admin Panel – The Vue framework is used for the frontend in Shopware 6 hence management has evolved into a more understanding and basic approach than in Shopware 5.
  • Sales channel supported by APIs – The Shopware backend now has new functionality that allows users to effortlessly sell things in several languages and currencies.
  • Redesigned Shopware frontend – ‘Twig’, a new template system with enhanced customizability and versatility, has been developed in Shopware 6.
  • New Tools for SEO – Unlike Shopware 5, the new version allows for much faster adaptation to ever-changing search engine requirements.

Difference between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6:

Shopware 6 provides Shopware Migration Solution, Shopware Integration Solution and Shopware Mobile Commerce Solution better than Shopware 5. Hence shopware 6 is improved in many ways than version 5 making the interactions between the clients easily.

Shopware 5 featuresShopware 6 features
Complicated APIsIntegrated APIs
Template Engine – SmartyTemplate Engine – Twig
CSS and LESSBootstrap 4 and SASS
Extend.JsES 6, VUE JS and Webpack
Plugin structure (plugin.xml)Advance plugin structure (Composer.json)
Uses Shopping WorldUses Experience world

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