Drupal upgrade 7 to 8

Drupal upgrade 7 to 8

In today’s scenario Drupal is the best option to manage heavy content, large resource libraries and databases, complex and high traffic websites. We can build you a powerful, functional, secure and flexible Drupal website. Because of latest tools, flexible infrastructure, open-source module and innovative design we suggest our clients to go for Drupal website solutions. Our digital marketing company grow with on-going demand by our clients users. If you want to grow business and take it to the next level then Drupal upgrade from 7 to 8 is the best and profitable option.

Drupal is one of the strongest options in ecommerce website business.

  • Contextual digital experiences
  • Innovative marketing tools
  • Personalized User experiences
  • Latest tools and technology

Drupal 8 has become the most leading platform for interactivity, scalable tools, and powerful ever-evolving modules. It is a flexible platform that performs like a web experience management system and has many features.

  • Personalization: It provides personal user experience to the users with specific modules.
  • Enhanced caching: It has fast page loading speed efficiency and other caching optimization modules.
  • Responsive design: It comes out-of-the box to fit visitors screen such as desktop, smartphone, tablet and mobile.
  • Social media: It can connect online customers to Facebook, and social media feeds from your website using modules by our expert developers.
  • Drag and drop blocks: Contextual blocks can be rearranged to change the text, images and appearance of your website. We provide you greater design flexibility.
  • Comment fields: We can help you provide more than one comment with Drupal 8.
  • Multilingual functionality: We help you to translate your website depending upon the geographical location of your online customers.
  • Editor: This feature allows the users to look at text and images. Our experts help you to cut down the required time for adding and uploading content on your website.

Any ecommerce platform is a mirror, storefront and a sales person and working on Drupal 8 solves all the purposes of a good ecommerce platform. We help you meet the needs of your customers and guide towards all major purchasing decisions. We create tailor made customer-centric interactions that make your visitors feel individual and personal. Another feature of Drupal 8 is its access to robust APIs which streamline and simplify the development process.

Drupal excels in customer engagement technologies and we have seamlessly integrated Drupal for various organizations successfully. Our technical experts help you collect important customer information so that you can easily target your online visitors.

We take care of all your SEO activities with Metatag module and shape the content to be appeared on social media sites. We are one stop solutions for all drupal website needs. We implement latest framework that can be built to exact specifications. The upgrade from Drupal 7 to 8 made the integration easier and better.

A responsive design is the main ingredient of building seamless website. Drupal 8 will be accessible from desktop, tablets and smartphones. This feature will allow your users to access website from any device.

Drupal 8 comes with easy navigate and menu modules to help you create a flexible content architecture. We have enough talent to create customized layouts for different uses for sophisticated content. With Drupal 8 search functionality tool we gain power and speed for our clients and most compelling reasons to use Drupal over other CMS and increase traffic and sales.

Bay20 knows to use key modules designed to manage content migration for even larger and heavy websites without risk. We try the content to be more intuitive and user-centric.

Drupal 8 is highly scalable, most secure CMS and an open source platform with a large user community. Our strategies, design and implementation keeps us ahead of our ecommerce digital company competitors.

What we do?

  • Registration and maintenance
  • Menu management
  • Customization of page layout
  • System administration
  • User blog, online forums
  • Advanced search, books, blogs and comments, Multi-level menu  system
  • Multi-site support
  • Multi-user content creation
  • Security and update
  • Workflow tools
  • Access static

Drupal is based on the architecture pattern, flexible and richly featured content management system and provides a secure SEO and API.

Why Drupal upgrade from 7 to 8 is better?

  1. The framework is stronger and better as compared to Drupal 7
  2. Drupal 8 has more secured and robust applications
  3. Less field types are added as compare to Drupal 7.
  4. New module is added which edit the content from website user interface.
  5. Views can be used as core components and easily accessed and customized.
  6. A wide range of styles available for different screens sizes.
  7. Language, interface, content and translation develop the multilingual website.

We help you in:

  • Framework
  • Multilingual
  • Theme Engine
  • Text Editor
  • Change the core elements
  • Build utilities to integrate
  • Update modules
  • Update the theme
  • update database content

Whether you decide to migrate from an older version (Drupal 7) or want to start from scratch, we easily upgrade or build Drupal 8 in a powerful way with minimum time of execution and at reasonable cost.

Our technical services:

  • Code Framework
  • Template Engine
  • Responsive Design
  • Provide extra Plugin/Extensions

Drupal upgrade from 7 to 8 has many advantages as far as tools and technologies are concerned. Older version will exhaust or become out dated sooner or later so it is better to upgrade to Drupal 8 with an efficient and experienced digital team. Let us help you find the best solution for your business. Contact or email us with your ecommerce solutions requirement.

We need no introduction as we have a transparent and successful website development track record with years of working experience.

Please contact us at manish@bay20.com or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Drupal. You can also visit the Drupal development page to check the services we offer.