Dynamic Product Groups in Shopware 6

dynamic product groups in shopware 6

Dynamic product groups are product groups that consist of dynamic rules and can be reproduced in different positions in your shop.

To add Dynamic Product Group follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Catalogues -> Dynamic Product Groups.

Step 2: Click on Add Dynamic Product Groups.

General Information

Step 3: The following fields are required:

  • Name: Enter the name of the Dynamic Product Groups.
  • Description: Enter the description of the Dynamic Product Group.


In the Condition section, define the rules using a corresponding form to determine which articles belong to this product group.

Step 4: Setup the condition of the Dynamic Product Groups.

First, select a property and the corresponding condition that must be fulfilled. Then, Next with the AND button, you can create another condition.

In addition to an AND, you can also create another condition such as an OR. In this case, one or the other condition must be met for it to belong to the group.

We can also use nested conditions by clicking on the SUBCONDITION button. Sub-Condition can be created as many time you required.

You can see the preview by clicking on the Preview button. Next, the Preview button shows all the products, which belong to the dynamic group products with the conditions currently selected.

Step 5: Click on Save button.

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