eCommerce is a must for all brick and mortar stores post Covid-19 Era

eCommerce is a must for all brick and mortar stores post Covid-19 Era

In current scenario of Covid-19 when it is safe and secure to get everything at your doorstep with competitive price and superb product quality ecommerce is a must for all brick and mortar stores post Covid-19 era. Online store is safe as products will remain untouched by people and stay hygienic.

We are an experienced web design and development company past nine years. Our technical team knows advanced tools and technology to create your ecommerce site presentable, safe and secure.

During and post Covid-19 there is an increased online shopping usage all over the world. The customer’s shopping behavior has dramatically changed as they are afraid of shopping outdoors. If you change your brick and mortar shop to online store customers will be able to make social distancing, safe delivery at their door step.

Even after the coronavirus crises is over people would prefer buying online because of precaution sake. Covid-19 triggered a huge change in consumer behavior to online stores.

As the pandemic has shifted of consumer buying pattern to ecommerce decline in brick and mortar business is on the cards. Already traditional physical shops have been suffering a lot since the rise of ecommerce and covid-19 has grilled the nail deep.

Many offices and workspaces are closed due to pandemic and remote working has triggered new online shopping behavior for good. With people and companies getting comfortable with work from home pattern, it is likely that this trend will continue post covid-19 further encouraging and driving online shopping behavior.

E-commerce business is estimated to be double after three or four years. A digital-first approach is required to win out of the current situation.

 Bay 20 has been offering the best and most economical website development services to its various clients across the globe. We have helped many brick and mortar shops owners to convert their business into ecommerce store. We adopt digital-first approach and build an agile, digitally equipped online retail strategy, keeping customers engage in purchasing from their converted brick and mortar shop into full-fledged ecommerce store.

Reasons of Physical stores to shift online:

  • Closure of many physical shops
  • Limited stock availability
  • Social distancing
  • Secure payment gateways online
  • More pricing options
  • Larger assortment of products
  • Easy returns and quick deliveries

Many people will replace physical store and mall visits permanently until a reliable vaccine is available.

Ecommerce is a must for all brick and mortar stores post Covid-19 era because it continues to sweep around the globe for unlimited period. We suggest that physical shop owners should move to online stores to gain more profit.

Bay20 has achieved a milestone in helping many vendors shifted their brick and mortar shops to online by building a wonderful ecommerce websites that can surely bring good return on investment.

Our strategy for building virtual storefront:

  • Pre-launch preparation
  • Laying the ground work
  • Optimizing  your store
  • Marketing and promotion your work

We have successful experience in building, migrating, and revamp different ecommerce platforms for our clients.

Our expertise:

  • Magento
  • Bigcommerce
  • Prestashop
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopware
  • Drupal

From strategies and analysis to designing and development we leave no stone unturned to shape your ecommerce store and take your business to next level. Below are the few key roles we perform to shift your brick and mortar shop to online store.

Data Analysis

Quick Monitoring and Insights

Creative thinking

Perform In-depth search

Complement Internal Resources

Content, E-mail marketing

Social media management

Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO campaign management

Digital Optimizations

Mobile Marketing

We can help you get expected ROI by implementing different marketing campaigns and you can spend your time on other core business activities.  We focus on closing more deals, increase traffic and conversion rates.

We offer a wide range of technical services. Our SEO will help you rankings in search, and get paid traffic support. Our main focus remains on ROI measurement.

Let’s have a chat to find out to exactly what you are looking for and where you are stuck!! We are just a call away to give you the right solution to shift your brick and mortar shop to online store.