eCommerce store with squarespace

eCommerce store with squarespace

All types of businesses can create professional websites with the service’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with Squarespace a blogging platform, hosting services and website builder. Our designers are responsive, supportive, skilful and creative and can really give positive quality results if planning to have an ecommerce store with squarespace.

No business can get its recognition without being noticed on the net. Bay20 software can help organizations to build websites to grow their business. We can provide all the tools need to manage websites from search engine optimization to comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

How do we help you with Squarespace?

  • Content to be put according to the product and purpose of the website. We help gather all your content in one spot and make it fit together.
  • Create plan to update
  • Avoid overcrowding of website
  • Social media channels along your website to distribute information and create user engagement
  • Evaluate of its templates and key features

We offer you integrated service that is a time-saving tool for your business. We go through key aspects of the product that need to be considered before committing to it. If you are new to web design, Square space is a nicer platform to use.

Features of Squarespace:

  • Quality of templates: All templates are unique, attractive and have sleek contemporary look. Our developers are capable to use the best eye-catching and professional photography while building ecommerce with squarespace.
  • Out-of-the-box image library: You get access to a large number of images to be added to your site
  • Out-of-the-box image library: You get access to a large number of images to be added to your site
  • Designing logos with squarespace: We can help you with hi-res version logos which can be used on web site to provide professional result

We have a team of certified developers who can make the website fully responsive on mobile to reach a wider range of users. We help reduce the number of visitors who leave your site due to long load time.

Squarespace is easy to use and contents blocks can be dragged and dropped anywhere on your site. We can support you with content blocks that you can add to your page.

  • Images
  • Text
  • Markdown
  • Audio
  • Galleries
  • Maps
  • Code
  • Content summaries

Our developers can support you with different types of content in Squarespace. By using the latest tools and technology we can work with the best images in terms of resizing, crop and rotate. We build responsive websites ensuring that your images make sense regardless of the device being used. We help you drop data into Squarespace and use it to create a pie chart, bar chart and line chart which gives a good look to include a visualization of your data in your site.

As squarespace is a blogging platform therefore we help you create different types of attractive and useful blogs for different types of content. Our experts are particular while posting any blog because there is no auto-save option and no archive of older versions of posts.

We offer the best web design and custom coding services that can bring your website up and take it to the next level of success. We also provide different plugins to help you customize Squarespace website more effectively.

Though there is a limitation but using an import and export tool efficiently we help you with pages, post and other content. Our expertise to host a multi-lingual site for our client makes us different developers from others. We are experts in using multiple integrations, extensions and plugins to add functionality to your site.

Our professional can integrate Squarespace to social media accounts and help to cater the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In every business a robust approach to data capture is very important to generate leads and customers. We leave no stone unturned to bring our client’s business to the next level.

Our developers are capable of running email campaigns to capture email addresses and send newsletters and other important business related information so that you can manage your website and mailing list. Email campaigns feature provides a drag-and-drop interface.

What we do?

  • Generate a sitemap
  • Clean HTML markup
  • Mobile friendly site/ responsive
  • Fast loading pages

SEO checking tools:

As there are no built-in SEO checking tools or plugins, we assure to maintain quality of pages from an SEO point of view and suggests ideas for improvement to increase your chances of ranking better on search engine result.

Rich Snippets Tools:

Rich snippets tools enhance a search result by providing additional, viewable contextual information. Our experts use advanced snippets tools in perform the best search results.

If you hire us to build ecommerce store with Squarespace we are the right option for the following reasons:

  • Ability to sell large number of products
  • Ability to sell physical goods, digital goods, services and subscriptions
  • Set automatic abandoned cart recovery
  • Set automatic abandoned cart recovery
  • Point-of-sale functionality
  • Drop shipping options
  • User-friendly Site and ease-of-use
  • Intuitive content management systems
  • Satisfactorily customer support
  • Robust Data security
  • Robust Data security

You can rely on our Squarespace design services to help you build a simple brochure website or hosting a portfolio site. We can set up a contemporary looking site or image-focused website.

Benefits of using Squarespace:

  • Appealing Templates
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Excellent Image management
  • Good range of import tools
  • Huge range of web fonts
  • Great Video background feature
  • Content in an attractive manner
  • Many sophisticated tools
  • Excellent email marketing tool
  • Logo designing app

Bay20 offers the technically sound Squarespace web design services that can help build you a smooth running website quickly. You can contact us for custom ecommerce store with Squarespace coding, functionality and appearance of your website.

Our USP:

  • Best Quality Templates
  • Excellent Features and Tools
  • Better Value for money
  • Scalability
  • Design Customization
  • Help & Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Security
  • Backups and Restores
  • Economical Pricing
  • Product Presentation
  • Integrate best payment and shipping options
  • Best Inventory Management
  • Frequent Email campaigns
  • Blogging features
  • Monitor performance with analysis
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Professional Report

If you plan to start selling few products or looking to grow your ecommerce shop, Squarespace won’t let you down. With really powerful features and using the latest tools and technology we give your customers a great idea of what they are purchasing before they click the buy button on your web shop. We can help you sell unlimited products, customize your storefront, to engage genuine customers and boost ROI.

If you are looking to create a web presence for your online business, we can get you started and develop a revenue generated web site. Our team of certified developers can quickly build and design sleek professional looking blogs, portfolios, galleries, landing pages, online stores and other websites.

Please contact us at or call us at +91-8800519180 for any support related to Squarespace. You can also visit the Squarespace development page to check the services we offer.