eCommerce Website for your Grocery store

eCommerce Website for your Grocery store

In today’s scenario when people are tend to be inside of the houses and want to order everything online. It is not only recommended but profitable to open online grocery store that will be in favour of our clients’ as well as their customers. There are hassles of doing grocery at store because of traffic, crowd, long lines, parking difficulties and timings.

Bay20 has been offering its clients’ a unique ecommerce website for a grocery store for many years. Our services include from self-service checkouts to shopping charts with real time feedback promotions, sharing cooking recipes, recommending complementary products. Main reasons to search for online shopping stores will be found in trust, costs and habits.

Online decision making process:

  • Recognition of the need
  • Formulate the decision
  • Search and make a decision
  • Appraisal
  • Purchases

We create multi-channel strategy as a first step. Brand awareness can boost a high-level trust in the brand. We deeply consider the online grocery store design because this can leave a large impact on customers purchase decision and bring maximum return over your investment.

Our experienced developers make price and product highly visible on the webpage so that customers can easily buy a product of their choice and make a quick purchase.

We make purchasing process very smooth and clear so that there is no postponement seen in the online decision making process.

We create categories for searching any product instead of search engines s your customers will be more likely to make purchase.

We expertise in developing customization on webpages can help your customer with a choice in buying and making transactions like customer detail and personal recommendations etc.

Behind any successful online store online customer reviews are rated as the best social media tool that leave a significant impact on buying behaviour.

Online grocery business depends on the areas it cater and other factors like social preferences, initial response by the people and market competition. We develop a store with all the latest tools, functions that bring leads for you from brick and mortar stores.

Ecommerce platform for online grocery store:

  1. Conventional site marketing
  2. Partner with ecommerce service provider


  • Social media presence
  • Mobile friendly platform
  • Multiple payment options
  • Marketing
  • Store Scalability
  • Delivery System
  • Integrate with vendors
  • Inventory Management

We help you drive the performance of your grocery store and features like heavy traffic, store expansion, and lifelong support for your business growth. We will help you develop a cutting-edge online store to sell groceries. Bay20 gives you freedom to expand business and think beyond the horizon. You can get benefit from our different development features, functionalities and module to manage stores.

Why to choose us?

  • Setup & Manage
  • Sell online with ease
  • Scalable
  • SEO friendly
  • Unique design
  • Powerful features
  • Acquire and convert
  • API driven
  • Unlimited product catalogue
  • Upload multiple images
  • Responsive layout
  • Automatic Invoices creation
  • Seamless automation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add to cart option
  • Filter options
  • Easy checkout
  • Effective email marketing

What is your take away?

  1. Traffic and leads
  2. ROI of marketing activities
  3. Identify the right technique for your needs
  4. Managing your website
  5. Targeting content

For more information or any help, you can call us, initiate live chat or write to us. Our expert will provide an immediate response to your query.