ExpressionEngine is a flexible, fast and feature-rich content management system. But features alone aren’t enough without proper support. Many CMSs have good features but no support as EE. If you wish to have dream website, select an ExpressionEngine professional and achieve it.

Features of ExpressionEngine:

Channels Content: They are flexible data containers with specified fields to store any type of information such as news, blogs, team information, product or service descriptions, documents, downloads and much more. Once the information is placed in a channel it can be served anywhere on client website.

Templates: A page or a page component such as a head and footer is called a template that may contain anything a webpage contain: JavaScript, HTML, PHP etc. They have ExpressionEngine Tags which are easy to learn and create dynamic experiences.

Multiple sites execution: With a single installation you can easily manage all your websites and with hundred per cent uniqueness and you can share content, design or members across all websites.

Live Preview available: Live Preview displays your content the way you type as it is shown in your website design. This is a unique feature for content editors because no reloading of pages required everything is displayed in review.

Update Easier: As compared to other content management systems, updating is easy on expressionengine site because it saves you from many scary tasks such as: going offline, uploading files, editing configurations and wait for successful outcome.

Fantastic User experience: Its excellent member management features let you create and build wonderful user experiences.

Total control over site: With member permission tools you can have total control over user privileges of your website and control panel. Members Information: It can manage and store members’ related information.

Create login, profiles and more: You can add profile pages, registration forms, create login and discussion forum to your site.

Flexibility in Publishing: As it is capable to work on any device therefore, you can publish it anywhere.

Add-Ons: With ExpressionEngine add-ons you can get solution to any task you ask for because it has a large developers’ community that create add-ons to extend the system capability.

Security: It has never faced any security issue since its origination.

Privacy: It has consent and privacy tool set that make it easy to implement GDPR, cookie consent and more.

Cookie Management: Cookie management is easily handled on ExpressionEngine site

Log Records: An audit log record detail is created of consents granted or withdrawn by a user.

GDPR Compliance: Data breaches usually happen. Information is lost or released into the hands of wrong intent people. Implementing GDPR means not only organizations ensure that the data is collected legally but the people who manage are instructed to save from exploitation and misuse as well as respect the rights of data owners else face penalties for not doing so.

Smart Order Management: Our control panel help you to easily find and update orders and produce reports to track sales.

Increase Sale:  You can increase sales with features such as product search, order history, shipping status, gift cards, promotion codes and shipping option.

We are ExpressionEngine ecommerce platform development company with comprehensive administration and design flexibility. We promise to keep your data safe and allow you to configure variations such as color, size right from ExpressionEngine publish page. How your website will look from front end is customizable as per your wish. After listening from our client we shall design a project plan and execute it accordingly. We make sure that confidential information is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer connections so that it safeguards business and protect customers. We have notable experience in developing powerful, flexible and scalable ecommerce sites and EE ecommerce add-ons. You can add your store to as many sites you wish and manage from one place but can view changes instantly across all your sites and can sell on mobile phones, social sites, marketplaces and on websites.

Our expert team will make you boost business with ExpressionEngine eCommerce capabilities to sell brand quickly, manage inventory, promotions, synchronize shopping with your social media page. We offer open source web development enable content management system EE quality-rich development services. Our dedicated team will use flexible and source CMS to provide development solutions with custom modules, uncluttered coding, themes and functionalities and hassle-free development.