Expression Engine is reliable content management systems for developing simple blogs, portals, web applications and eCommerce websites. It has its own set of EE tags which can be inserted in your template.  

We offer EE customization which includes creating a template for every page on your website and create custom fields that best fit your content. Nowadays it has become an ideal solution for small to medium sized web application development. We are technically experienced developers.

About Expression Engine:

It has provided freedom to web professional by lifting the limitations of old site structure to use web in creative and successful manner.

It is built upon an open source PHP framework that allows for growth as the website needs evolve.

By using control panel, you can easily operate the platform after installing browser and customize the control panel according to the project or your client’s need.

It is easy to modify and extend CMS by using modules and plug-ins. It works perfectly in PHP/MySQL and also supports CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

It is very safe and secure platform using anti-spamming tools, e-mail banning, IP banning and coding needed to control checking and eliminate if required.

It easily manages content by providing definable categories and customizable fields and gives a richer experience to the visitor.

Benefits of EE theme development:

  • Security updates
  • Bulk Editing
  • Live Preview
  • One Click updates
  • Fluid Fields
  • New and customizable Control Panel
  • Fewer Add-on
  • Newer PHP version
  • Multi Entry Category Editor

Our expert programmers work closely to provide best plugins, themes, architecture and customize EE according to our client business target. Using the framework and latest technologies and strategies we develop flexible, secure, and portable solution across all platforms.

Our speciality:

  • Add unique custom features for custom website development
  • Create Add-on plugin to manage specific content
  • Leverage a single installation  over multi-site internet properties with modules, extensions and plug-in
  • Templates and theme designs to produce fully custom solutions
  • Use of Inbuilt caching of EE to speed up tags rendering for fast loading website result
  • Build fully functional and features rich e-commerce integration
  • Protect website from Cyber attacks
  • Utilize additional plugins  and modules to enhance website capability
  • Implementation of latest SEO techniques to ensure best search engine results
  • Create responsive ExpressionEngine interface
  • Capabilities to work on framework, content & data efficiently
  • Provide multilingual support
  • Create custom field, channels, control members and content configuration
  • Hands on support and maintenance for fixes, updates enhancements for EE sites

We focus more on creating a perfect theme as per our client business requirement because it not only benefits the users but also the developer to support in generating more sales. We realize that it is very important to identify the problem on which the theme will work and persona to target upon and provide a solution in simple and smart manner.  Expression Engine is URL driven and bottom-up CMS and has a specific order in which it executes the code as per the instructions given.

Unlike most of CMS which are page-based means they store and return the content as a page. But ExpressionEngine framework is not a page-centric CMS and stores content in entries that comprise a set of field setup by developer. An experienced developer will tell how the site navigation will be dynamic and when to create add-ons to extend or modify the core behaviour of EE. Our experienced developers know how to evaluate a given add-on for reliability, security and sustainability.

ExpressionEngine open source coding feature provides freedom to developer to create easy manipulations, alternatives and changes for website optimization in both performance and presentation. It has become the best in creating optimal websites that look phenomenal, function properly and offer best website visitor experience.