Future of Magento1 merchants after June 2020

Future of Magento1 merchants after June 2020

Why Magento go-to formula for success for online merchants?

Magento is an excellent and popular open-source ecommerce solution for merchants with commendable structure, content handling, design, functionality, and user-friendly navigation. Therefore, it is important for magento store owner to get ready for Magento-driven revolution and changes that occur time to time in the e-commerce landscape.

  • Open Source: Anyone who knows about Magento website development can use it as per their advantage.
  • Magento Community: It helps you out by providing proper guidelines and fixes for that particular issue and fulfil the needs of end users with regular updates.
  • Perfect Match: It is truly a deadly combination that guarantees success. Magento is to ecommerce is as like as a body is to soul.
  • Superior technical support: The expert developers help improve for better user experience, setting the best ecommerce standard.
  • Optimum Performance: It ensures high performance while using the minimal server resources.
  • Multitasking: It allows merchants and developers to manage multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Flexible: you can enjoy complete authority overall the functions of the ecommerce website.
  • Mobile-Dominant: It caters mobile-savvy buyers and compatible with smart phones.
  • Quickly Integrate: It helps you monitor the website’s performance while keeping an eagle’s eye view on the latest Magento trends.
  • SEO Friendly: It helps ecommerce website rank higher and help buyers find you online with ease.

If your ecommerce website is still on Magento 1, and any issues with security arise, it can land you in vulnerable situation and the site is open to being hacked easily. You can overcome with the problem and get the site patched, if you choose to assign the task to a reliable development agency.

Consequences of Magento 1 stops being supportive after June 2020

  • Stops receiving upgrades and security patches from Magento
  • Open to more security threats or malware attacks
  • Difficulties in finding right set of extensions
  • Difficult to find Magento 1 developer as most of them would shift to Magento 2

Possible options:

As you know it is not as simple to upgrade your current site or shift to another platform. So, we can help you stay on Magento 1 for as long as you are not comfortable to migrate and keep you safe and secured from any security attack.

  • We make sure that you execute Magento on a supported version of PHP to resolve critical security issues.
  • Frequency of security checks will be increased and routine maintenance will be performed with utmost care.
  • More forums and blogs etc. for Magento security news
  • Use the latest tools and technology for Magento Report, Security and Maintenance.
  • We use Web application firewall tool to detect, logs and blocks malicious request traffic so that it can’t damage your network or site.

Magento 1 will not completely disappear after June 2020 and will continue providing some tools and extensions. We can help you prepare with relevant material and make you understand how it can be treated afterwards.

Reasons to stay on Magento 1?

  • Not easy to run the migration from magento 1 to magento 2.
    We as developers understand how difficult it would be for you to transfer all entities such as rebuild all design features, reinstall all the extensions, and recreate customizations.
  • Need to spend a hefty amount and money to fully shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2. As big your website is the more time and money will be spent.
  • Adobe continues supporting Magento 1: The availability of support continues from Adobe is the biggest aspect that prevents merchants from migration and keep them stay on Magento 1.
  • Risk of losing data and Search Engine Ranking: The chances are that you may lose your important data during the migration process
  • Difficult to get a perfect technical partner: You may find it difficult to find the best suitable technical person for the migration job

We leave no stone unturned to cover you with such an Iron clad shield to defence your Magento 1 store from malware attack or security lapses.

Our valuable support will influence growth and keep your site at bay from hackers.

Our Approach for Security and Maintenance:

  • Firstly, we integrate of all the technologies and provide you multi-pronged approach.
  • Secondly, we conduct an in-depth technical analysis of existing technology, code structure and stack being used.
  • After that our expert engineers will share the outcome and recommend any necessary alterations.
  • At last, our experts continuously monitor the recently added tools and create reports for performance tracking.

If, you own a Magento 1 store you are continued with regular threats from hackers. Our certified magento engineers are updated whenever any security patch is released and within less time make available for you before hackers learn to exploit and the patch code is publicly available.

It is not a simple task to move from M1 to M2 and requires extensive development work and moreover expensive for even the most basic sites. We understand that it will not be feasible for many merchants because of the costs, timelines, resources and uncertainties involved. The other concern of merchants is regarding the protection of M1 applications against vulnerabilities such as security threats that may trouble and steal confidential information.

We support M1 merchants to continue using the platform after June 2020 by securing sites against exploits from entry point to backend infrastructure. We don’t suggest you to avoid up-gradation for ever but suggest and support to do it till the time you are ready. We don’t want you to take a hasty decision.

Our experts well understand the impact of Magento 1 and make unbiased in-depth analysis of the entire scope on your online business. It doesn’t mean that Magento 1 will stop functioning after prescribed date but direct upgrades from Magento will come to a halt.

With a capable and efficient developer, you can still stay on Magento 1 safely and securely without hindering your current structure. We have been doing this for many merchants and our certified team is all set to accept any challenges in the same scenario and serve with our latest technological qualities. Our Magento experts strive to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

The countdown has begun! Let’s make a right move with the best Magento developers.

We can support you with following top technologies even when Magento 1 stops getting support after June 2020:

SUCURI: With Sucuri dashboard we provide comprehensive security to the website owners. Our team is dedicated to ensure the integrity, confidentiality of online merchants within Sucuri network. Our solution is based on the main pillars Monitor, Protection, Detection, Response, and Backup.

How do we support?

  • Configure Monitoring Alert system to detect loC attack
  • Blacklisting Incidents
  • SEO spam
  • Website Malware Infections
  • Prevention of Vulnerability exploit attempts
  • Access control attacks
  • Performance optimization
  • Protection against OWASP
  • Removal of Backdoors
  • Server level malware infections
  • Website defacements
  • Storage of all website files and databases etc.

SHOPPIMON: Our experts find and fix all issues which keep online customers from purchasing from the ecommerce site.

How do we support?

  • Monitoring
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Activity Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Application Integration
  • Shopping experience analysis
  • Access control
  • Performance Insights
  • In-depth issue analysis
  • Real Time Data
  • Compliance Management etc.

SIGNIFYD: Our certified developers have ability to eliminate friction or fraud in shopping experience, optimize revenue and support to fuel ecommerce growth. We help to build ideal customer experiences with tailored commerce infrastructure. Our services include research, user experience, branding, creative design, platform integrations etc.

How do we support?

  • Revenue Leakage Diagnostic
  • Maximize conversion
  • Provide seamless buying experience without fear of fraud
  • Create content-rich and innovative ecommerce experiences

Siteimprove: We provide deep insights that empower to create superior quality content, drive better traffic, and measure digital performance etc.

How do we support?

  • Brand Authority
  • Cohesive and consistent users experience
  • Maintain page speed
  • Daily Insights
  • Analyse, optimize and protect website

If you don’t want to shift to another platform or migrate from magento 1 to magento 2, we are here to help you stay on the existing M1 till you are comfortable to make any further decision.

We assure you a healthy stay for your Magento 1 ecommerce site.