Hire Indian Magento Experts to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Hire Indian Magento Experts

Search Engine Optimization (i.e. SEO) is an important part of web development and content framing for any virtual website/ business. It is with perfect use of SEO techniques and tools that a business can improve its ratings on search engines and attract high number of visitors. Magento, one of the topmost web development/ ecommerce platforms comes packed with SEO tools of its own. Hire Indian Magento experts and you will have a site that makes best use of SEO.

To highlight the need for all businesses to hire Indian Magento experts, here are a few common mistakes than happen more often than one would think. Mistakes that can hamper the search engine optimization of your website.

• The Title of Homepage:
Every aspect of the content on the website is important. With most of the websites giving the title “home” to their homepage, it is suggested that the title of the homepage also include a few keywords. For example your homepage could be titles- “Henry’s Ingredients Home” or “Henry Ingredient- henryingredient.com” etc. Giving the title “home” to homepage is hence a waste of SEO potential.

• Cache for Speed Optimization:
Optimizing the speed is also considered as a part of SEO. For Magento the speed at which a page loads may be a negative. This mostly occurs because of lack of code optimization or an outdated server or due to lack of caching all together. All these mistakes must hence be avoided.

• Default Description and Default Keywords:
Many developers fill out the default spaces and it is a major mistake. This because filling out the default description essentially results in the chaotic and messy URL descriptions, adversely affecting SEO. This is because a page that does not have a separate description will have this default. And too many pages with same description appear as spam to search engines. Same goes for keywords.

• Canonical Off:
Another common mistake made by many developers is to let the canonical setting off for both products and categories. This results in duplication of content which the search engines mark as spam. To avoid making this and other common mistakes hire Indian Magento experts who will remember to keep canonical on.

• Going Live with robots.txt Disallow:
While in development stages the robots.txt disallow command keeps the search engines from tracking the site. A common mistake made here is forgetting to turn the robots to “index, follow” command leaving the site undiscoverable by search engines even after it has gone live.

• Multi- Stores Caution:
When a multi- store site is created a common SEO mistake of keeping the content, the URLs, keywords and the meta- descriptions same can be made. If this happens the search engine finds multiple/ duplicate contents for a single IP hence marking the whole store as spam.

These mistakes can constrict the rating of the site on search engines and hence restrict the traffic. Bay20 has a team of developers who are backed with ample experience and knowledge to ensure no such issue ever arises with your site. So hire Indian Magento experts- Bay20, to meet all your Magento SEO needs.

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