How Secure is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce Security

BigCommerce is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms now on the market because of its trustworthy combination of features, applications, and connections. Personalization and expansion possibilities are available, yet the platform maintains high security. If you’ve never set up an online store before, or if your current online company has outgrown its capabilities, BigCommerce is your best bet.

The platform is designed to help you grow your internet business quickly. All aspects of running an online company may be handled by this software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This includes the construction and design of your online shop, order, and inventory tracking, taking customers, developing marketing solutions, and managing merchandise.

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of BigCommerce and see whether it’s the right solution for you.

Use of BigCommerce Comes with Both Pros and Cons.

Since it offers both security and flexibility, BigCommerce has grown in favour of those in the market who run online businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, even though it promotes itself as a platform that can meet the demands of every organization, the firms with the most revenue and sales will benefit the most from its use. Find out what works and what doesn’t by reading on!


It’s easy to scale up: You don’t have to worry about BigCommerce managing your shop’s hosting or making any infrastructure upgrades. If you want to expand your business to its full potential, your website will always work flawlessly.

BigCommerce is very flexible when it comes to customizing the look and feel of your shop. When it comes to choosing one of 183 paid designs or 12 free themes for your website, you may utilize the Page Builder, which I found easy to use.

Online and brick-and-mortar sales: BigCommerce allows you to sell your items via various platforms. Social media and big e-commerce sites like Amazon, Facebook by Meta, and Instagram are just a few of the many options. Other third-party integrations, such as those from Google, Walmart, and eBay, are also available.

The BigCommerce platform is best suited for large-scale enterprises, especially those that want to migrate their physical business online or whose present online storefronts are too tiny.

Inventory-heavy companies are the ones to watch out for. BigCommerce allows you to sell as many products as you want without ever running into a restriction. This is a highly useful tool for organizations that offer a broad range of items and have a significant number of versions for each category.

Companies of a medium size seeking rapid growth

Omnichannel sales and various point-of-sale connections are just some of the ways that BigCommerce may be customized to match your business needs.

“Multi-channel retailers” are businesses that sell both physical and digital goods. Because BigCommerce makes it simple to sell a mixed inventory, you won’t have to pay any extra costs.

Sellers who aren’t computer programmers: To get your company up and running, you don’t need to know much about coding.

When it comes to medium-to-enterprise businesses that have a lot of inventory and want to expand their operations while also selling globally easily and quickly, BigCommerce is probably the best platform to use.

A fifteen-day free trial is also available for BigCommerce customers in addition to the three different pricing levels. A credit card is not necessary to begin using the platform, and you may build your first business using the tools that are presently available.

As a fantastic starting point, let’s consider the following

You have nothing to lose by looking around and getting a feel for what BigCommerce is all about. However, you won’t be able to start selling your items during the trial period. A test drive for the platform, especially for consumers who have never used an e-commerce site before, is precisely what it claims to be. It’s geared toward those who have never used an e-commerce site before.

Creating Your Retail Space

Additionally, the platform offers an extensive range of paid and free themes and plenty of customizing options. You may start from scratch and add widgets, carousels, and other features using the editor’s drag-and-drop functionality. The user interface is straightforward and easy to understand for anybody to utilize.

You may also sell things without integrating any other applications.

In addition, BigCommerce has the ability to mass-modify products in a specific category, which is a handy feature. A few clicks will allow you to import or export your goods to or from eBay. To sum it up, product management is a straightforward endeavour.

BigCommerce’s most valuable feature is the ability to handle orders from one location. NetSuite, Brightpearl, and Order Desk are just a few examples of order management systems (OMS). You might also use BigCommerce’s built-in features to accomplish your goal.

Keeping Track of Your Orders

Shopping cart management is one of the essential parts of an online shopping platform’s usefulness. With the help of BigCommerce, you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Firstly, a function enables you to rescue a cart about to be abandoned. It’s possible that your company can send up to three automated emails to customers who have things in their shopping cart but have not yet completed the purchase process. That this feature isn’t included in BigCommerce’s Standard subscription is disappointing.

Streamlining the Checkout Process

Would you still make an online purchase if the process was cumbersome and time-consuming? Most likely, you’d just leave your shopping bag empty. BigCommerce’s single-page checkout works like a charm in this situation.

Infinite Capacity

With BigCommerce, consumers have unlimited storage space, no matter what plan they choose to sign up for. BigCommerce, on the other hand, provides much more storage space than most of its competitors, which all impose storage limits.

This includes anything from client information to product catalogues to photos, videos, and inventories; you can store as much information as you want. This will not slow down your website, and it will not have any effect on front-end operations either. BigCommerce happens to be a cloud-based SaaS platform that is capable of handling massive amounts of data.

These features will be your strongest suit if you decide to expand your business.

E-commerce is a great way to promote your online store.

Even while BigCommerce has many marketing possibilities, the Standard Plan only gives you access to a small portion of those alternatives, which is unfortunate. Despite this, you have access to the following features:

Making Performance Evaluation Use data-driven insights to identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve your performance. You can’t come up with a solution if you don’t know the problem.

Shipping Is Now A Breeze

If your firm is large enough, you may select the one most suited for you. You may, for instance, charge customers in other countries for shipping depending on the weight of the package they are delivering back to your business.

To ensure your data remains safe in an attack, BigCommerce uses an offsite backup service that is updated daily to use configurations most recently validated as secure. It continually updates new security updates to keep the platform safe and employs the most effective methods.

From a central location, the management of several locations

Users can manage many shops from a single dashboard, according to BigCommerce’s future plans. A single back-end dashboard may monitor sales activity across all channels rather than a slew of separate dashboards. You may use your favourite third-party apps on these shops if you want.

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