How to Add Customer Groups in Shopware 6?

Customer Groups in Shopware 6

A customer group is distinguished between retail and wholesale customers or between company employees and external customers etc. To add a new customer group in shopware 6 follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to the admin panel and go to the Setting > Shop >Customer groups.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add Customer Group’ button.

Step 3: Fill in the required field of customer group.

  • Name: Enter the name of the customer group.
  • Tax display: You can specify which tax (gross or net prices) should be used in the shop for the customers of the customer group.
  • Toggle registration form: You can specify whether a separate registration form should be used for the customer group. This allows the customer to register directly for a specific customer group. The customer is not directly assigned to the customer group, an activation is required.

Step 4: If you enable the ‘Toggle registration form‘ option. You have to fill out the required field of the registration form.

  • Title: Enter the title of the registration form.
  • Introduction: Enter the introduction of the customer group which the customer can register here. This information is displayed on the registration form directly below the title
  • Only companies can sign-up: If you enable this option, only companies can sign up for this registration form.
  • SEO meta description:-Enter an SEO meta description.
  • Link URLs: Choose the Sales channel and the registration form shows on that specific sales channel.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Save‘ button and your customer group will be saved.

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