How to Create a New Products in Shopware 6?

To Built your eCommerce Store, It is necessary to create Products. Follow the steps to create a new product in Shopware 6. After finishing the basic information, it is possible to complete the advanced setting if you need it. Please note that some features are only available after you have saved the products for the first time.

To create a Product follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Catalogues -> Products.

Step 2: Click on Add Product.

Step 3: The following fields are required:

General information

  • Title: Enter the product name. This name will appear among others in the list of products and will be used as a header on the product detail page.
  • Description: In the description field, you have the possibility to offer an overview of the product. The data stored here is displayed, for example, on the product detail page.
  • Product Number: Here you have the option to assign a single product number to your product. As a rule, this is done automatically based on the respective number ranges.
  • Manufacturer: Here you can choose one of the manufacturers already stored from the list. If the desired manufacturer is not listed here, you can add it: Catalogues -> Manufacturers -> Add manufacturer.
  • Active: Here you can define whether the product is displayed in the storefront and whether it can be purchased.
  • Product Promotion: This can be used, for example, to add a badge to the product in the list to make it more visible to customers.


Here you can set a standard price. You can add additional pricing details, such as reduced prices or prices deviated based on certain conditions in Advanced prices.

  • Tax rate
  • Price (gross)
  • Price (net)
  • Purchase price (gross)
  • List price (gross)
  • List price (net)
  • Currency dependent pricing


  • Stock
  • Available stock
  • Clearance sale
  • Mini. order quantity
  • Purchase steps
  • Max. order quantity


  • Categories: Select the categories the product will be assigned to. In the interface, you can find the product through the category tree in the corresponding categories.
  • Sales Channels: Here you can assign the product to the desired sales channels. This allows you to determine where the products are available or not.
  • Tags: Tags allow you to store keywords for your product. These keywords can be used within the rules, for example. Keywords already stored for other products, but also for media or customers will be displayed. To add a new word, you can simply type it in the field and confirm with Enter.


In this section, you assign the desired image of the product, e.g. product photos.
You can also upload an images for the product by clicking on the Upload file or select from the media by clicking on Open media.
You can also define which image should be the preview image by placing the image in the cover section, e.g. for the product listing.
You can also add new files from your computer or the Internet.


  • Release date: You can use the release date to define when it is possible to buy a product in the store. If the time has not yet been reached, the corresponding message will be displayed on the product detail page to inform the customer when the product can be purchased.
  • EAN: Enter the EAN of the product.
  • Manufacturer product number: A manufacturer-specific number can be entered here.


  • Meta title: The meta title must not exceed 70 characters, otherwise, it could be truncated by search engines and the like.
  • Meta description: Currently, the length of the meta description should be around 130-160 characters. If the description contains more than 160 characters, it can be truncated, for example, on the search results page.
  • SEO keywords: In addition, you can define keywords. Currently not required for interval calculation

Canonical URLs

In the Canonical URL section it is possible to define a separate canonical URL for each sales channel. To do this, first select a sales channel. Next, the SEO Path field will display the valid SEO path for the product, which is generated based on the SEO settings. If the product is assigned to multiple categories, you can also define the main category.

Measures & Packaging

  • Width/Height/Length and Weight
  • Selling unit
  • Scale Unit
  • Packaging unit
  • Basic unit


In the Reviews section, you will get an overview of the review provided for this product. Reviews are only shown in the shop window if you have marked them as visible. You can edit them through the context menu, which you can access by clicking on the “…” button.

After completing all the required field click on Save.

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