How to create a support ticket from a shopware account?

In shopware, if you have any queries related to your stores or plugin issues. You can ask the shopware support directly by generating a support ticket from your shopware account.

To create a support ticket in shopware follow the below steps:

Step1: Login to your shopware account and go to the Merchant area section.

Step 2: After clicking on the Merchant area, go to the support option to generate the support ticket.

Step 3: Now click on the top right button that says “Request support”.

Step 4: Now select the shop for which you want to generate a ticket.

Step 4: On to the next steps, select the support options between Shopware Support & Plugin Support.

  • Shopware support: any kind of issues or queries related to the default shopware feature. You need to choose this option.
  • Plugin Support: For any issues related to any plugin, choose this option.

Step 5: Choose the support request methods. In shopware, there are many support options available according to the subscription. And email support is one of them.

Step 6: Now fill the required field and write the question which you want to ask. You can attach the attachment also.

Step 7: After clicking on the next step, you will see the “Your support request will be sent to Shopware after submitting.” An estimated deadline for this ticket.

Step 8: Click on the “send request” button. Your request will be sent to the shopware. You can view your generated ticket in the Support overview section.