How to create a Typo3 contact form?

How to Create and add a Typo3 Contact Form Page

Whether developer, designer, integrator, TYPO3 form extension is
important to discuss about how to create TYPO3 contact form from
simple to advanced level.

The members of the Form Framework Initiative developed and
maintained TYPO3 form. TYPO3 form core can be easily used by
developers, integrators, and marketing people.

Initially, TYPO3 form core extension should be installed and activated
from the extension manager. It was developed to focus on editors so
that they can create and publish TYPO3 form by using drag-n-drop

How to create TYPO3 contact form?

  1. Open Forms backend module.
  2. Click on “Create a new form”.
  3. Select “Blank Form”.
  4. Type form name and press enter
  5. Click “Finish” button.
  6. Add few fields in the form
  7. Choose “Create new element”.
  8. Select Text element
  9. Configure all properties like label etc.
  10. Other requirement fields such as Name, email to the form.
  11. When finish click on “setting”.
  12. Choose and configure “Finishers”.
  13. Click the save button.
  14. Insert created form and click on “Create new content element”.
  15. Select Form plugin from elements.
  16. Choose created form.
  17. The form is published at TYPO3 site.

Structure of an ideal TYPO3 contact form is as follows:

  • Form Definitions
  • Custom Form Templates
  • Form Configuration
  • Translations

Necessary setup to complete for TYPO3 contact form:

  • YAML setup
  • Register Typoscript setup
  • Forms log
  • TYPO3 Form Extensions
  • Form to database
  • Forms Export
  • Form Double opt-in etc

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