How to Create an Order from Admin in Shopware 6?

create order from backend shopware 6

There are many situations where you have to manually place an order for the customer. For this, there is a module in the administration where you can create orders for the customer.

To create an Order from Admin follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Orders -> Overview.

Step 2: Click on Add Order.


  • Customer: Select the customer for whom you want to create order.
  • Add New Customer: If you want to create an order for the new customers then add customers by clicking on add new customer.
  • Billing address: If you want to change the billing address then click on the edit button.
  • Shipping address: If you want to change the shipping address then click on the edit button.
  • Order language: You can select a language in which the email document will be created for the order.
  • Payment method: Here you can select the method of payment to be used.
  • Currency: You can select the currency which is related to the sales channel.
  • Shipping method: Select a shipping method from the configuration available for the sales channel.


In this section you can add products to your order by clicking on Add product.

To select Product from the store double click on the row which you have added by clicking on Add product.

  • Item: It this section select the product which you want to order.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity for the product how much you want to order.
  • VAT: The standard tax rate will be applied automatically when you leave it blank. You can also edit it after the item is created.
  • Click on the Check Mark button to the same record.

After completing all the required field click on Save order.

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