How to Create App in Lightning Experience?

In the Lightning experience, an app is a collection of items, tabs, and objects organized into an interface. You can add a toolbar and a Lightning side tab to your Lightning app. Lightning Apps lets you brand your apps with custom colors and logos. You can create the app in Lightning experience from any edition of Salesforce org.

We need knowledge of the Salesforce platform and the Lightning component framework for creating an app in Lightning Experience. Salesforce provides a library of readymade components for creating apps. we can also create custom components as per the needs.

To create app in Lightning Experience, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the “Setup” menu in your Lightning Experience. In the Quick Find box, enter “app manager” and click “App Manager” from the result.

Create App in Lightning Experience

Step 2: Click the “New Lightning App” button to create a new app.

Create App in Lightning Experience

Step 3: On the “New Lightning App” page, enter the app details for the app. The “App Name” is the name that will be displayed to users, while the “Developer Name” is used internally to identify the app.

Step 4: Select the app’s color and upload an image for the app in the “App Branding” section. Basically, the image is displayed as the logo of the app.

Create App in Lightning Experience

Step 5: Select the Navigation Style, Supported form factors, Setup experience, and App personalization settings for the app.

Step 6: (Optional) Add “Utility Items” for the app. It gives your users quick access to productivity tools. It is only available in the “Desktop” form factor.

Step 7: (Optional) Add “Navigation Items” for the app which includes different standard & custom objects, and app pages. Navigation Items are displayed as tabs in the app. Some navigation items are available only for phones or only for desktops.

Step 8: Choose “User Profiles” that can access the app. You must select at least one user profile for the app.

Create App in Lightning Experience

Step 9: Click the “Save & Finish” button to finish the creation of the app.

Once the app is created, it will be available for users to access in Lightning Experience. Besides this, you can also customize the app further by adding additional tabs, actions, and components as needed.

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