How to Create Catalog Price Rule in Magento2?

How to Create Catalog Price Rule in Magento2

Follow these instructions to apply a discount to specific products as long as a number of conditions are met. Discounts on catalog price rules take effect before the product is placed in the shopping cart.

To create Catalog Price Rule follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Marketing -> Promotions -> Catalog Price Rule.

Step 2: Click on Add New Rule.

Step 3: Enter the Rule Information.

  • Enter the Rule Name.
  • Enter the Description.
  • Select the Status.
  • Select the Website.
  • Select Customer Groups.
  • Select From and To dates to determine when the price rule is in effect.
  • Enter a number to set the Priority of this rule over other rules.

Step 4: Define the Condition.

Step 5: Define the Actions.

  • Select Apply as from the list.
  • Enter the Discount Amount.
  • To stop processing other rules after applying this rule set Discard subsequent rules to Yes.

Step 6: Click on Save button.

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