How to Create Digital Products in Shopware 6?

How to Create Digital Products in Shopware 6

A digital product is a type of product that is untouchable and delivered digitally, usually via the Internet.

To create a digital product in shopware 6, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Login to the admin panel and go to Catalogues -> Products.

Step 2: Click on the Add digital product button.

Step 3: Enter the following fields which are required.

General information

  • Name:- Enter the name of the product.
  • Manufacturer:- Assign the manufacturer of this product.
  • Product Number:- You can add a single product number to this product. Or shopware automatically generate the product number.
  • Description:- Enter the description of the products.
  • Product Promotion: If you enable this option, it will show the badge on the product on the listing page to make it more visible to customers.


In this section, you have to add the files to your digital product. Such as e-books, music, files, etc


In this section, you can set a standard price. You can add additional pricing details, such as reduced prices or prices deviated based on certain conditions in Advanced prices.

  • Tax rate
  • Price (gross)
  • Price (net)
  • Purchase price (gross)
  • List price (gross)
  • List price (net)
  • Cheapest price (last 30 days, gross)
  • Cheapest price (last 30 days, net)


  • Manage stock:- If the stock is not managed, the digital product is available for an infinite amount of transactions.
  • Stock:- Enter the stock of the digital product.
  • Delivery time:- Choose the delivery time of the product.

Visibility & structure

  • Sales Channels:- Add Sales Channels in which this product should be displayed. You may further define the product visibility for each Storefront Sales Channel via the link below.
  • Active for all selected Sales Channels:- Enable this option to activate the product on your website.
  • Categories:- Assign the categories, so that the product can be found via the Storefront. Make sure you select categories that are available and active in the selected Sales Channel.
  • Tag:- Tags are meant for internal use only. They can help you manage groups of products, apply rules or serve as custom search terms.
  • Search keywords:- The product in the Storefront can also be found using these keywords.


Add files to the product’s media gallery.


  • Release date: You can use the release date to define when it is possible to buy a product in the store.
  • GTIN/EAN: Enter the EAN(European Article Number) of the product.
  • Manufacturer product number: Enter the manufacturer product number.

Step 4:- After filling in all the above-required fields. Now click on the Save button to save your digital product.


  • Meta title: The meta title can be added upto 70 characters. Otherwise, it could be truncated by search engines.
  • Meta description: You can add a meta description of around 130-160 characters. If you add beyond the 160 characters, then on the search engines the description will be shown as a truncated form.
  • SEO keywords: In this field, you can define the SEO keyword to make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

The digital product looks like this on the storefront.

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