How To Create Email Template For Newsletter In Magento 2?

how to create email template for newsletter in magento 2

You can create all the newsletter templates you need for different purposes. You can send a weekly product update, a monthly newsletter or an annual holiday newsletter. Newsletter templates can be prepared with HTML markup or as plain text. Unlike HTML, plain text bulletins do not contain formatted images, rich text or links. In the grid, the Model Type column indicates whether a model is HTML or text.

To create Newsletter Template for Order follow below steps:

Step 1: Login to admin panel and go to Marketing -> Communications -> Newsletter Templates.

Step 2: Click on Add New Template.

  • Enter Template Name for the newsletter template.
  • Enter Template Subject for the newsletter template.
  • Enter Sender Name for the newsletter template.
  • Enter Sender Email Id for the newsletter template.
  • Click on the Show/Hide Editor at the top of the Template Content edit and update the content as needed field.
  • Insert any CSS declarations in the Template Style field to format the content.

Note: Remember that do not remove the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the template content, that is required by law.

Step 3: Click on Save Template button.

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