How To Create Landing Pages In Shopware 6?

Landing Pages in Shopware 6

Landing pages are very important for any website. Because it leads the customer to specific pages and encourages them to take action.

In shopware 6, you can easily create landing pages. Please follow the below steps to create a landing page.

1. Log in to the admin panel and go to the Content > Shopping Experiences.

2. Click on the ‘Create new layout’ button.

3. After clicking on the new layout button, choose the ‘Landing page‘ option.

a. Shop page: All service pages of your shop are to be understood as shop pages

b. Landing page: Landing pages offer you a wide range of design and marketing options in your shop. These can be theme pages.

c. Listing page: This page automatically includes a product listing.

4. Enter the ‘Layout name’ and click on the ‘Create layout‘ button.

5. Create a custom home page.

You can select the image category as a block section and drag and drop the image and also you can select the text from the block section and drag-drop. you can fill the all required fields as per your requirement.

6. Assing the layout into the category go to Catalogues > Categories.

7. Click on the categories and go to the ‘Layout‘ section. And then click on the ‘Change layout‘ button. Choose the layout which you created and save the category.


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