How to create metadata for products in Magento 2?

In this tutorial, You can easily create metadata for products in Magento 2. Metadata is one of the most important part of the SEO. It helps to improve your website in Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). With the help of metadata search engine easily understand what type of services or products provide so that search engine helps to rank your product in google first position.

Follow the below steps to create metadata, categories and content pages:

Step 1:– Login to the admin panel then go to Catalog->Products as image below.

Step 2:– Click on the button Add new product and fill the required fields as below.

Step 3:- Go to Search Engine Optimization and enter the information of meta title, meta keywords and meta description as image below.

Step 4:-  Finally click on Save button as image below.

Step 4:-  Flush cache by run command: php bin/magento cache flush and refresh your page.

By following above steps, you can add metadata for products.

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