How to create product page layout in shopware 6?

To create a product page layout in shopware 6 follow the below steps:

Step1: Login to the Admin panel and go to the Content > Shopping Experiences.

Step2: Click on the “Create new layout” button to create a new one.

Step 3: Click on the product page layout.

Step 4: Choose the section type which you want. Sections divide your working space into areas and help you to be more creative. You may combine different sections and move or delete them at any time.

  1. Sidebar: The sidebar can be used to display the category navigation, filters, or both.
  2. Full width: It covers the whole area to design the layout.

Step 5: After selecting the section type. Enter the layout name and click on the “create layout” button.

Step 6: This is the interface of the product layout. You can easily edit and assign this layout where you want to.

Note: If you want more detail on creating a layout in shopware 6. Please visit below link:

How to create a new layout in shopware 6?