How To Create Tax in Shopware 6?

Now we will see how to create the tax rate in shopware 6. To create the tax in shopware, you have to go to the   Dashboard and click on the Settings.


Now navigate to the page setting > shop.  Then  you will see a tax button, Click  on it. Now  you  can see the default  tax rate .


Now to create a tax rate click on the add button. A new popup window will appear, showing you the configuration you can make for your new tax rate and you can name it individually and assign it a percentage value in default tax rate  field.


Change an existing  tax rate

First, you need to open the tax page then edit the page.   Here you can create your own tax rules for individual postal codes, postal codes areas, individual state, and the entire country if you want.



You can add the tax rate on the basis of postal code.  To do this you have to select the zip code option from drop down and then add the postal code.


Hope it will help you .

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